iFLT 2021 Administrative Team

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Carol Gaab

Carol is the Director of iFLT 2021.

She has been providing teacher training in CI-based strategies since 1996. A frequent presenter at national and international conferences, Carol was also a presenter for the Bureau of Education and Research for 9 years. She is the director of the iFLT Conference and was a Spanish and ESL teacher for 25 years, most notably twenty years teaching for and directing the San Francisco Giant’s U.S. and Dominican Language Programs. Founder and President of Fluency Matters, Carol has authored and published numerous SLA-friendly resources for novice to advanced levels.

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Teri Wiechart

Teri is the Co-Director and Program Coordinator for iFLT. 

She retired from 35 years of teaching high school French. During her retirement, she has been working as a consultant to the Ohio Department of Ed., and consultant with schools working to implement new ways of teaching World Languages. She has been a TPRS/CI trainer and coach, and coaching trainer and coordinator since 2001 — at the National TPRS Conference, 2007-2015; iFLT 2010-2020; Agen, France CI Conference 2013-2019, and regional professional development in Ohio. She has been the President of the Ohio Foreign Language Association and is currently the Membership Chair and a Conference Committee member.  She is passionate about helping teachers become more effective in teaching languages and works to find better and better ways to train and prepare teacher in Acquisition Driven Instruction.

Robert Harrell Image

Robert Harrell

Robert is coordinating the technology facilitators for iFLT 2021.

After 23 years of growing and maintaining a thriving German program at a public high school, Robert Harrell moved to CSU Long Beach, where he is the World Languages Curriculum and Methods course instructor and a Student Teacher Supervisor.  He is a director for COACH Foreign Language Project and presents at conferences such as CLTA, SWCOLT, and ACTFL. In 2019, Robert led the coaching program for the Agen, France, Workshop and will return in 2020. Robert writes books and other materials for language instruction, available through Fluency Matters or his website (www.compellinginput.net). Combining his interests in history, language, and creative pursuits, Robert also writes historical time-travel fiction for a general young adult audience.

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