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What is iFLT?

iFLT (International Forum on Language Teaching) is a grassroots group inspired by Dr. Stephen Krashen, creator of the Comprehension (Input) Hypothesis and numerous other theories that have helped to shape contemporary views on language acquisition.


iFLT is dedicated to helping teachers align their instructional approach(es) with the principles of SLA (second language acquisition). If you are interested in teaching for proficiency using acquisition-driven instruction, the iFLT Conference is a must-attend event!

Unrivaled 3-step Training

1. Observe SLA-informed strategies in action as you observe live language classes with real students, grades 3 – 12, taught by seasoned, (inter)nationally recognized ‘language facilitators.


2. Learn innovative strategies and train with the nation’s top SLA-focused trainers.


3. Improve your skills and practice CI-based strategies in a personalized cohort format with experienced, highly-trained  coaches.


The unique cohort-style training provides customized training in an intimate setting, regardless of your experience or skill in ADI.

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What to Expect

Learning Labs: Observe live language classes taught by master ADI teachers.


Roundtable Forums: Concentric and socratic forums designed to inform, inspire and challenge participants.


Collaboration Rooms: Open rooms for planning, discussing, collaborating and/or brainstorming. See the “Collab Room” Schedule for tasks and topics.


Lunch-time Talks: 5-minute talks designed to share golden nuggets of wisdom, inspirational messages, and/or powerful strategies.


Differentiated Training: Beginning, Advanced Beginning, Intermediate and Experienced Cohorts

Our Presenters

iFLT is comprised of more than 50 trainers and coaches who are highly skilled in acquisition-driven instruction. All have years of experience teaching in acquisition-centered classrooms, and all are seasoned trainers with long track records of training and coaching success.


There’s no doubt– You will  be learning from some of the best coaches, teachers, and presenters from around the world!

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Our Coaches

Coaching moves participants from theory to practice. Practice CI-based strategies in small groups with highly trained and experienced coaches. 


  • Process techniques and ask questions.
  • Apply new skills and refine existing skills in a non-threatening, nonjudgmental environment.
  • Inform your own practice by observing others during the coaching process.

Language Camp


Grades 3-12

Hands -on, Interactive Learning Experience focusing on:

  • Music: Learn common phrases through music.
  • Stories: Create and hear a variety of interesting stories.
  • Videos: Interact in the language through video-based content.
  • Conversation: Naturally pick up useful phrases through authentic and relevant conversations.
  • Reading: Level-appropriate readings strategically written with students’ needs and interests in mind.


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IFLT Conference FAQs

If you have questions before or after you register the answers might be here.  These are the most frequently asked questions about the iFLT conference.  Of course if you don’t find the answer here please feel free to EMAIL US.


For a free Q&A pre-recorded webinar with several of the iFLT cohort leaders, click here!

University Credit Options

Not only is the iFLT conference a great opportunity for you to improve your teaching skills and become an even better Foreign Language Ambassador, you can also gain university credit.  Semester hours from University of the Pacific, Center for Professional and Continuing Education are available for attending the iFLT conference.

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iflt Lunch Talks

If you are not eligible to submit a proposal in 2020, we highly encourage you to give a Lunch Time Talk.

Many iFLT LunchTime Talkers have gone on to become presenters!

Attendees Interested in Presenting

Attendees who would like to present must meet the following requirements:

  • Potential presenters must have previously attended iFLT.
  • Potential presenters must be registered for iFLT 2020 at the time of proposal submission.
  • Session topic must focus on acquisition, communicative comprehension-based language instruction, CI-friendly strategies/approaches, classroom management in the language classroom, etc.
  • Proposal must be aligned with the principles of language acquisition, using appropriate terminology and based on best practices.


Special consideration will be given to attendees who:

  • Have previously presented this or another session at a local, state, regional or national conference.
  • Have successfully implement ADI in your classroom for at least 2 years.
  • Have presented a Lunchtime Talk at a previous iFLT
  • Have a successful track record in the classroom


Due to the unique nature of the venue, exhibiting will be nontraditional.


Don’t miss the Book Fair BBQ!

Wednesday, July 15

12:00 p.m. – 2:00 p.m.


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