iFLT 2020 Lunchtime Talks

Inspired and facilitated by Leslie Davison, a Lunchtime Talk is a brief 5-minute presentation that contains exactly 20 slides and is intended to inspire, motivate, touch, and/or humor the audience. We invite all iFLT participants to share a passion, a teaching tip, a joke, an invention or simply a message that is on your heart or mind. Over the past few years, we’ve heard some amazing presentations that definitely left a lasting impression. Whether you are a new or experienced presenter, we encourage you to share!


We recommend doing your session via Google Slides, but you may use Keynote or Power Point if you wish. The slideshow format will be identical for all: Slides will advance automatically every 15 seconds, as you use them to guide/support you through your talk.


If you are attending iFLT 2020 and would like to present a Lunchtime Talk session, please refer to your confirmation for access to the proposal form. Deadline to submit a proposal is May 1. Presentation (20 slides) deadline is June 30. We can’t wait to be inspired by YOU. It’s going to be awesome! Check out Faith Laux’s Lunchtime Talk at iFLT 2016! (Thanks, Faith, for allowing us to share!)


Be inspired and inspire at iFLT 2020!

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