Wow!  I am SO lucky that today was my designated blogger day for iFLT 16.  I didn’t have time to see nearly enough sessions but the two I was able to attend were wonderful.

I’ve been stalking after teachers using BreakoutEDU for a while.  I have watched videos, I have read instructions, I read a blog post by Kimberly Huegerich , and I have been frustrated.  Somehow the process was not clicking for me.  Being able to attend a session and actually try to “break out” of the box was so much fun!  I can see so many great ways this could be used in a unit of study.

Leslie Davison set up her session before participants entered so that as we came in we would clearly notice the large BreakoutEDU box but not the other clues.  She gave a little background and then gave us 45 minutes to try to open the box.

The whole group worked as one which had a team building effect but also kept us from being able to break out!  Only one lock left!

Solving a series of clues she had planted allowed us to open the locks one by one.  When the timer sounded we had almost finished working the last lock!  She showed us the prize (had we successfully opened it), Google Cardboard!

We had to close read, decipher hieroglyphics, read directions, read invisible ink, read Morse code, and we learned a LOT about communication before the cellphone and laptop!  I give a big two thumbs up for being fun but also providing great exposure to content!  This would be a great alternative to centers at the beginning of a new unit.  Teachers could provide a lot of content through well designed clues!

After the whirlwind game, I went to the band room to see Martina Bex present #authres, so easy a novice can do it!  I love using authentic resources in my units and I wanted to find ways to make them even more accessible!

Some of my takeaways were these:

Find the Intruder: Students use a comprehensible Infographic as an interpretive assessment.  Teacher writes several true statements about the information in the infographic and ONE false statement.  Students must find the false statement, the intruder.

Use song lyrics to create a story for class then do a match-up in which students match the story chunks with the lyrics they paraphrase.

Brain breaks that cross your midline reenergize!  Martina tried having pairs high five with their left hands and then fist bump with their right.

Comprehens-ify is the term Martina coined for making a resource comprehensible.  Introduce the resource, interact with it and then investigate it by adding lots of CI and discussion.

I have had a great week at the conference and am looking forward to a great last day!!

Written by Carrie Toth


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