iFLT 2017 Language Camp

Space is STRICTLY limited! Classes fill EARLY!

Tuesday, July 11 – Friday, July 14

8:30 a.m. – 11:15 a.m.

North High School

2960 Speer Boulevard, Denver, CO  80211

One-of-a -kind language classes guaranteed to build communication skills!
Hands-on, Interactive Learning Experience focusing on:

Music: Learn common phrases through music.

Stories: Create and hear a variety of interesting stories.

Videos: Watch interesting videos, such as commercials, movie trailers, pranks, homemade videos, classroom exchange videos, etc.

Conversation: Naturally pick up useful phrases through authentic and relevant conversations.

Reading: Level -appropriate readings strategically written with students’ needs and interests in mind.

FREE to Denver Public School students!

Contact Diana Noonan to register.

720-423-3295  or diananoonan@gmail.com


Out-of-district students, register online

Space is limited!

Language class schedule: 8:30 a.m. – 11:15 a.m. Tuesday – Friday

Classes denoted with an asterisk* are full. To request to be put on a wait list, contact Teri@FluencyMatters.com.

Elementary Spanish – Beginning* (2nd – 4th grades)  – FULL (teacher: Annabelle Allen)

Middle School Spanish – Beginning* (5th-8th grades) – FULL (teacher: Alina Filapescu)

Middle School Spanish – Advanced-beginning / Intermediate (5th-8th grades)  (teacher: Grant Boulanger)

High School Spanish – Intermediate* FULL (teacher: Mark Mallaney)      

Middle/High School French – Beginning (6th – 12th grades) – (teacher: Sabrina Janczak)

Middle/High School Chinese – Beginning (6th – 12th grades) – (teacher: Linda Li)

*NOTE: Placement in language group will be based on previous language experience and is solely determined by iFLT Language Camp staff. If you have recommendations or suggestions for your child’s placement, you may include them on the registration form below.