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Chapter 2

Reading/Discussion: Pilsen, Chicago Visit this link or this link and read the articles about the Pilsen neighborhood in Chicago. You may choose to have students read on their own and come up with some facts in Spanish about the neighborhood and people of Pilsen. Although the website is only available in English, the discussion can be done in Spanish and will allow students to make comparisons between Pilsen and their own neighborhood/community.

Música: Share the biography of Carlos Santana and introduce them to his music. Carlos Santana has been a role model for Latinos in the United States for decades and many students will recognize him or his band, Santana. His website has a downloadable PDF of his bio and a lot of great pictures of him and his band. If you have easy access to the computer lab, use the scavenger hunt worksheet to allow kids to explore on their own. The site is also available in Spanish.

Chapter 4

Cultura: On YouTube there are many videos that will allow students to get the idea of what 5 de mayo celebrates. Some students may believe that it is Independence Day in Mexico. Share a video or two that represent the Battle of Puebla.

Movie Trailer: 5 de mayo: La Batalla 


Another documentary

Cooking: Depending on the size of your class, you might enjoy teaching them to make churros. Some upper level students are capable of following the recipe and frying the churros and others might be better observing as the teacher cooks and sampling afterward. Some stores sell churro mix or use the recipe from the teacher’s guide to make them from scratch. Add a cup of chocolate to make it more authentic! Try one of these recipes!

Recipe 1

Recipe 2

Recipe 3

Chapter 5

Chapter 5 has 2 videos of the Hector Duarte interview. These videos are password-protected and use the same password as this TG.

Hector Duarte interview with English subtitles
Hector Duarte interview with Spanish subtitles

Chapter 6

Show students a video tour of Pilsen.
In English 
In Spanish (tour given by students)

Share with students Héctor Duarte’s mural project in his hometown of Caurio, MX. Invite your artists to participate in the mural. From Héctor Duarte’s Flickr account, young artists can see the power of an idea in action.

To see the great butterflies that have arrived from other artists, visit Hector’s other set of photos here.

Chapter 8

Here is a link to the poem Yo Soy Joaquín in English and here is a link to the poem Yo Soy Joaquín in Spanish.

You can also watch a video of the poem Yo Soy Joaquín in two parts of a Luis Valdez movie from 1969 here and here.

Chapter 9

Jeff Zimmermann, artist.

If you have never visited Teaching Tolerance’s website, this would be a great time to do so. They have a César Chávez unit available for free to educators. The unit package comes with a video and book of worksheets that teach students about the United Farm Workers and the Delano Grape Strike. The video is approximately an hour and does a great job portraying some of the struggles the Chicano workers faced.

Chapter 15

As a follow-up to the song Latinoamerica, you could use this audio file to give students the opportunity to listen to a native speaker discussing the pride he feels being Latin American. Other options include searching files on “orgullo latino” from the immigrant archive project.

Follow up

  • End of the reader “Calaca Alegre Pyramid Game” (Google slideshow) created by Jenny Robbins, adapted for La Calaca Alegre by Sarah Sheperd

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