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TPRS (Teaching Proficiency through Reading and Storytelling):
TPRSoriginated by Blaine Ray, is a powerful teaching methodology that is based on proven techniques and sound pedagogy. An input-based methodology, TPRS focuses on specific activities and techniques that expose the learner to an abundance of authentic language in a condensed period of time. It simulates a hybrid immersion experience by eliminating its flaws- INcomprehensible input and excessive amounts of time- while maintaining the powerfully effective aspects of an immersion experience: context, comprehensible messages, natural and useful language and a great deal of repetition.

Contextualized TPR:
TPR, when implemented within the confines of random commands, lacks context and meaning. Putting simple actions into a logical sequence of events is an efficient way to add context and meaning in a comprehensible way. Reading Action Chains are also a great way to use a sequence with multiple chronology options to inspire higher order thinking and heightened focus on the message / L2. There are scads of helpful handouts in the Free Downloads and some great on-demand webinars on

Video-based Instruction / Modified MovieTalk:
Movie Talk (Created by Ashley Hastings) is process of providing a simplified narrative of a movie or video clip to make it more comprehensible to and more effective for language students. Read about modified MovieTalk (inspired by Michele Whaley) and posted by Martina Bex.

For awesome ideas on how to introduce a video (or how not to) ,  Carol Gaab’s handouts for MovieTalk and video-based instruction in Free Downloads. Search MovieTalk Magic and Video-based instruction.

Dr. Beniko Mason is credited with Story-listening, an intentional way of telling stories to make them comprehensible to language students and conducive for language acquisition. The process involves drawing illustrations and posting new vocabulary, as you tell a variety of well-known stories, including legends, fairy tales and other  familiar stories. Learn more about Story-listening:

TPRS Witch

Music is a powerful tool for facilitating acquisition of a limited number of specific words/phrases, as well as acquiring poetic language. Check out the FREE DOWNLOADS on this site for handouts that share powerful techniques for using music in the language classroom.

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