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Nuits Mystérieuses à Lyon on Pinterest: 

Teacher Tip: add in front of any web address to turn any French-language website into an interactive glossary! Every word on the page will be defined in English with a click. Unlike translation sites, this encourages students to read in French until they actually get stuck.


Pre-teaching: Lyon 

Consider developing a webquest for students that encourage them to explore Lyon via video.  Offering students the choice of which videos to browse based on their interests will encourage students to experience the content rather than hunting for a correct answer.  Categories on the webquest my include geography, history, politics, language, music, food, or any other cultural items that you’d like to emphasize. 

The official website of La Ville de Lyon

The official website of La Basilique de Notre Dame de Fourvière 

Video: Lyon City Guide  (Length 13:04)

Video: Exceptional Quality Images: Lyon via Drone (Length 3:22)

Vidéo: Découvrez LYON pendant les fêtes des lumières 2017 en 4K, avec des plan de vues uniques sur la ville. (Length 2:30) 


Chapitre 1: 

Music Video: Rien n’est parfait by TAL 

Song lyrics: 

Infographic: La rupture amoureuse américaine

An excellent resource for students of any level to analyze and discuss.  Or, transform it into an IPA reading assessment! Prep the conversation by taking a class poll of who prefers to use which method of ending a relationship, and-or how they prefer to be notified. 

Infographic: How to get your ex back: Six étapes pour surmonter le chagrin d’amour avec une lettre pour reconquérir votre ex 


Chapitre 2: 

“Weird” Foods

Below are some links to various videos you may wish to show your students as they relate to the chapter. Do not worry if they don’t understand much. You could even just ask that they listen for a few words that they do understand.

Remember, depending on where your students live, the concept of eating rabbit may be quite unusual to them. In France, rabbit is considered quite a normal meat, and can be purchased at any supermarket or butcher shop. You may wish to discuss some additional types of foods that are considered normal for one culture and strange in another! 

Remind your students that “normal” just means whatever you are used to!

Some American food customs that certain other cultures would consider unacceptable or disgusting:

  • Drinking cow’s milk
  • Eating eggs
  • Eating eggs for a meal other than dinner
  • Eating poultry
  • Eating beef
  • Lack of fresh vegetables in the typical American diet


Website: Travel Channel- 10 most bizarre foods slideshow:

Website: 50 weirdest foods from around the world

Video: Top 10 Reasons to visit Lyon, France

Video by Hervé Cuisine: Recette du pot-au-feu (Length 6:43)

Video: Cuisine Française – Le pot-au-feu  (Length: 5:28)

Video: Pot-au-feu de Porc made with pigs feet (video length: 6:00) 

Dining Etiquette: French Art de la Table with Tamoko Zablith of Minding Manners 

L’étiquette à table avec Cendrine Chénel, fonadatrice d’Ars Vivendi à V télé (Canada)

Rhapsodie pour un pot-au-feu / Stewpot Rhapsody (this is hysterical) (length: 5:31)

Eating in France is truly a French pastime France24 English (length 5:03)

The joys of French food

Les bouchons lyonnais  (length 6:13) 


Just for fun :

Le Grand Pot-au-Feu partie 1 (Length 7:39)

Le Grand Pot-au-feu partie II (Length 7:53)


Chapitre 3:

Comment jouer au tennis: (Length 2:14) 

In addition to tennis, les boules is a very popular game not only in Lyon, but also in most of France. Watch the video in the link below that will explain how to play the game.  (Length: 2:45) 

Video: Pub Boules Spot Boules Lyonnaise BOULENCIEL (Video: 1:37)

Blog: Les filles qui jouent au rugby: Read the article at the websites listed below. Can you find any cognates? Can you find any of the sports vocabulary you learned?


Chapitre 4: 

Trois vidéos qui montrent comment faire un croque-monsieur (length 3:55)  (length 3:55) (length 1:36) (length 3:28) (length 3:03) 

Une vidéo qui montre la recette qui s’appelle un croque de mamie. This is not a croque-monsieur, but this looks really good.

Une vidéo sur la place Bellecour, l’endroit où Dylan a mangé un croque-monsieur. This video is in English : (length: 0:59) 

Une vidéo de la Place Bellecour (Place Bellecour is covered with plants in this video!, older video from 2011) (length: 1:30)

 31 Place Bellecour (area drone video that transforms into ad for modern apartments, good for comparing to Kevin’s neighborhood (length: 4:50)



Chapitre 5: 

La Place des Terreaux

Check out this report on La Fête des Lumières that takes place in La Place des Terreaux. This is a report about the celebration and will allow the students to hear lots of new vocabulary used in context. (Length: 9:25)

This is a video about La Place des Terreaux and La Fontaine Bartholi (Length 2:18) 

This is a video of La Fête des Lumière in 2012 in La Place des Terreaux (Length 6:21) 

La planche à roulettes

La planche à roulettes sur La Place Bellecour (Length 1:54)

This is the official website for Le Skatepark de Lyon. If you watch some of the videos on this site, you should preview the music because some of it may not be appropriate for the classroom.

This is a video of people skate boarding in Le Skate Park de Lyon (Length: 1:48)

This is a video of someone roller skating at Le Skate Park de Lyon (2:18)


Les Bouchons Lyonnais

This is a great link to information about les Bouchons Lyonnais with a great video that has subtitles in English. 

This link includes a long list of Bouchons Lyonnais and information about what they serve and where they are located.

Chapitre 6: 

This video highlights some of the best parts of Le Vieux Lyon (Length 2:54)

Take a look at one or both of these videos about Lyon’s traboules! (Length: 1:47)

Visiter Lyon et les traboules: (length 3:50, music only)

Medieval city of Pérouge outside of Lyon

Professional video (length 5:19) 

Walking tour video (length 3:04) 


Chapitre 7: 

Lyon at night 2010  (Length 1:39)

Lyon at night 2010  (Length 12:01)

Lyon at night 2019 (Length 2:37)


Chapitre 9: 

Watch the music video for Comme des Enfants :

Edith Piaf singing Je ne regrette rien live

Your students might recognize the song from the movie Inception

Cute video that goes with A Quoi Ça Sert l’Amour which is another Edith Piaf song


Chapitre 10: 

Visit the official website of La Ville de Lyon

Visit the official website of La Basilique de Notre Dame de Fourvière 


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