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  1. Namika’s Songs

These are the order that I (Julie) use the songs in my classroom.


Kap 1 Que walou Lyrics

Kap 2 Gut so

Kap 3 Je ne parle pas francais featuring Black M – Lyrics

Kap 4 Kompliziert

Kap 5 Alles was zählt – Lyrics

Kap 6 Hände

Kap 7 Ahmed

Kap 8 Dschungel im Kopf

Kap 9 Nador 

Kap 10 Hellwach

Kap 11 Namika

Kap 12 Lieblingsmensch – Lyrics

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  1. Namika has a VLOG named ‘Alles was zählt’ and she discusses different topics in different episodes. Below are two examples:

Folge 1 – Familie

Folge 2 – Freundschaft  

  1. Kapitel 9 – Namika talks about Ramadan. This has a nice comprehensible explanation about Islam: Checker Tobi 

  1.  Kissenschlacht mit Namika. Namika plays the Heads up game in comprehensible German. Playback 0.75 makes this very comprehensible! Bin ich eine Frau? Bin ich in Showbiz tätig? Komme ich aus Europa? usw.
  2. Film – Almanya Willkommen in Deutschland

There is an Edpuzzle of this Germania episode with Namika : 

  1. Edpuzzle – If you search for Namika on Edpuzzle, there are quite a few already made of her songs.

  1. The Abury Foundation has founded a school in Morocco and Namika has partnered with them to help bring music education to the area. Below is a video about this – Alles was zählt..was Gutes tun… 

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