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New Year, New Opportunities to Grow!

In addition to continuing our mission to publish the highest quality, most engaging, and students-and-teacher-friendliest materials available to world language teachers, we have a new resolution this year! Our resolution is to be a 24-7 teacher support and professional growth system for all of you! We hope you will find one or all of these options appealing, as you GROW your way through 2019!


Fluency Matters’ On-demand Webinars

We are now offering all of our on-demand webinars as a subscription service. You may subscribe for one month or all year. Watch webinars at your convenience at your own pace! Check out the training site for several FREE 2-minute tips from some of your favorite teacher-trainers!


Fluency Matters’ Live Webinars

It is not too late to join our live webinar series Reading: Before, During, and After and there are just a handful of spots open in our cohort! You’ve only missed one thus far, AND you can even go watch a recording of the first meeting! Cohort members attend additional follow-up personalized webinar sessions to debrief on their week of teaching and implementation of their new strategies! If you miss a webinar, you have tons of time to catch up and watch the recording of the original webinar. Join Carol Gaab, Kristy Placido, and Carrie Toth and learn everything you need to know to successfully implement an amazing reading program in your classroom!

The CI Peek Blog

You’re reading it now! Are you subscribed? Subscribe today to get blog posts e-mailed to you as they are published. We publish weekly with tips, tricks, support, and refreshers to help guide you through your teaching year. We are also always looking for new guest bloggers. Could that be you? If you’d like to share your best ideas with other teachers, let us know! We’d love to feature YOU. E-mail us at!

Some posts you might want to read or re-read today are:

Carrie’s Digging Out of the Reading Rut

Kristy’s Top 10 Hooks for Teaching Readers

Carols’ The Keys to Successful Whole-Class Reading

Martina’s Reading is Breathing


The iFLT Conference

The iFLT Conference has sold out well in advance five years in a row! There is a reason why iFLT is considered the premiere conference for teachers who want to be trained by the best in the business. Our trainers are real teachers with real classroom success. You will not believe the surprises we have in store for you in 2019. And a tropical beach location allows you to extend your professional learning into the evenings with your new friends in a relaxed vacation-like setting! Don’t be filled with regret! Sign up now while space is still available!

See what Meredith White had to say about iFLT 2018 here.


Facebook support

We have cultivated a wonderful community of teachers at Fluency Matters Comprehension-Based Readers! There are always teachers there waiting to collaborate, support, and share! Join our Facebook group and enjoy free and easy PD any time of the day or night!


We wish you all a wonderful 2019, and we hope you will GROW along with us this year!


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