Noches-Granada_000001Noches misteriosas en Granada is a novel that is particularly dear to my heart. It was the second novel I wrote for Fluency Matters. It was based heavily on an awesome student of mine whom I had taken on a student trip to Spain in 2009. The host family in the novel was based very loosely on a family I stayed with during that same student trip. Here is a list of some of the things that were inspired by reality in that novel:

  1. The real María Jesús has a son who kept falcons on the rooftop of their home, and she really is a bit quirky, but as sweet as the torrijas she really really wanted me to love eating.
  1. The real Kevin really was about as perfect as a high school kid can be.
  1. The real Kevin was known to be rather endearingly clumsy during our Spain trip, and he was indeed very creeped out by the sight of blood. He once passed out during a doctor visit when he had to have his blood drawn.
  1. The real Kevin DID attend NYU (after the book was published!) and he really did study in Spain as a college student majoring in international business.

In addition to our super helpful Teacher’s Guide, we have decided to collect and share online resources to enhance your students’ experience with this novel and make deeper and more meaningful connections. We hope you will find these resources useful and that you will feel free to share additional resources in the comments.

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Chapter 2

Here are some videos you may wish to show your students as they relate to the chapter. Do not worry if they don’t understand much. You could even just ask that they listen for a few words that they DO understand.

Remember, depending on where your students live, the concept of eating rabbit may be quite unusual to them. In Spain, rabbit is considered quite a normal meat, and can be purchased at any supermarket or butcher shop. You may wish to discuss some additional types of foods that are considered normal for one culture and strange in another! Here is a website with a large index of foods considered strange by most Americans (preview first!).

Some youtube videos related to Chapter 2:

Paella valenciana con conejo

Comercial para carne de conejo

Paella preparada sobre fuego


Chapter 3

Teacher Tip: add in front of any web address to turn any Spanish-language website into an interactive glossary! Every word on the page will be defined in English with a click. Unlike translation sites, this encourages students to read in Spanish until they actually get stuck.

Information about sports:

Information about the Olympic Games:

Watch a video about sports online at this link:

Read the article at this website. Can you find any sports cognates?

Look at this website. Can you find any sports cognates?

Show the class this video of Doki. Ask them to listen for words they understand. Create a class list.


Chapter 4

How do you make a bocadillo?


Chapter 5

For a video showing a typical neighborhood in Granada, visit:


For more information and videos about Granada’s Skatepark in “Parque Bola de Oro”, visit:


Chapter 6


There are many resources online about “El lenguaje del abanico.” For a fun supplementary lesson, get a few inexpensive fans (search online for “Spanish fans”) and teach your students a few simple commands. Then, see if the boys can figure out what the girls are communicating!


Chapter 7

As you read page 46, you may wish to pause and show this video as a view of what Kevin and Soraya see from the terrace of El Camborio. You might even choose to softly play some Spanish guitar music in the background as you read the chapter for atmosphere! Check youtube, itunes, or for some great selections! (Alhambra at night video with guitar music)


Chapters 10 & 11

Show the following online comics to your students:
Have students write a brief narrative in Spanish about each comic using vocabulary from Noches misteriosas en Granada.


Visit the official website of La Alhambra y el Generalife
Ask students to find pictures of what they believe are the parts of the Alhambra from the novel.

Blog post written by Kristy Placido

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