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Chapter 1

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In this chapter, we see the flight itinerary for Brandon’s parents’ trip to Hawaii. Visit this site (Air France) with your students. Have them find a flight and create a mock “itinéraire” for themselves. See if they can find the following words in French:

  • One way
  • Passenger
  • Round trip
  • Route


Look up a French or French-speaking school and find the school rules. Can students understand some of the rules? Are they similar to your school? Here is an example you may use.

Chapter 2

Classic Car Tours International organizes classic car tours throughout Europe. Classic car collecting is quiet common in Europe. France in particular is known for auto racing in Le Mans. Wouldn’t Brandon’s father love to take his T-bird on a Classic Car Tour International vacation? Click on the link below to discover tours that cater to classic car collectors who want to drive their own cars on the some the finest roadways in the world, while taking in breathtaking scenery.

Car racing in Europe:

  • FIA GT Championship – A GT racing series, predominantly in Europe but some rounds elsewhere
  • FIA GT3 European Championship – A GT3 racing series, predominantly in Europe but some rounds elsewhere
  • GT4 European Cup – A GT4 racing series, predominantly in Europe but some rounds elsewhere
  • Le Mans Series – Sister series to the ALMS, run mostly in Europe (formerly the LMES).
  • FIA Sportscar Championship – FIA’s now-defunct prototype racing series – most races ended up part of the Le Mans Series
  • Interserie – German based series, originally similar to Can-Am
  • Belcar (Belgian National GT Championship
  • FFSA GT Championship – France level GT series
  • Radical European Masters – European level One-make Sportscars series

Chapter 3

The Venn Diagram for Ch 3 in some of the older editions of the Teacher’s Guide has been replaced due to a formatting error. Here is a copy of the updated file: Houdini Fre TG 03 Venn Diagram

Web quest Poster project: Rent-a-car for the day in Paris. Teaching tip (depending on your needs and student ability, this project can be performed solo or groups can take one or two questions and develop them in poster format. You can then assemble all of the posters to get the full story. For older more accomplished students. They can create a PowerPoint presentation to guide a presentational AP-style speaking assessment.

After the immense popularity of Vélib, which is a system that provides bicycles across Paris and in some surrounding municipalities, the same type of system allows residents to rent a car for the day. Using your surfing skills fin the answers to these crucial questions. Be sure to provide images along with your information.

  • What is the System called?
  • How does it work?
  • What kinds of cars are provided?
  • Where do you get the car?
  • How do you pay for the car?
  • How do the cars keep from being stolen?
  • What about insurance?
  • Can a tourist rent one of these cars?
  • How much does it cost?
  • Could this type of system work in the states? Why or why not?

Chapter 4

Dans cette vidéo (video), vous pouvez voir comment on fait la mayonnaise !

Présentée par le chef Anthony Courteille de l’atelier Guy Martin – Bon Appétit !

Chapter 5

Just for fun! HTI Teamsterz Multi Stack Car Wash (French Version). This is a commercial for a matchbox-sized carwash playset.

Here is a video of a “Lavage de voiture” all in French. Viewing Tip : try pausing the video often to acquire new vocabulary. Make a list of the French words you learn and find their equivalent in English.

Chapter 8

A fun way to represent events from your favorite scenes in the reader is to create a comic or a storyboard! We recommend

Chapter 9

Through Googlebooks you can access a portion of the book “Teens in France” by Nickie Kranz. It is full of images and interesting information that you may wish to share with your students! You can search or the title “Teens in France” in Google Books.

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