Today’s Gift: A free class set (25) of any comprehension-based reader published by Fluency Matters (includes FREE SHIPPING!)

This is a race! Only the first *3* people to finish the mission will claim the prize!

Once you have cracked the code, put the selected Fluency Matters Reader in your cart, enter the coupon code and complete your purchase. If you get an error message when you enter the coupon code, that means the max number of prizes (codes) have already been used. As soon as the Fluency Matters Team verifies that the prizes have been claimed, we will update the blog and post on Twitter and Facebook.






1. One of the greatest illusionists of all time!
2. Even as a ‘senior citizen’, this musician’s (Rock-n-Roll) music is still popular!
3. FVR (free voluntary reading) has shown to enhance second language acquisition.


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