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Capítulo 1

Google Maps – Take a look around with your students, possible activity to do a graphic organizer of what you know, want to know and what you learned. 

Mariposa Monarca – short youtube video with soft music and a bit of information. 

Soy Monarca website

La ruta monarca: una travesía fantástica – short Youtube video from WWF México, talks about the route. 

Mariposa Monarca Infographic


Capítulo 2

El ciclo de vida de una mariposa monarca

Video – El ciclo de una mariposa monarca

Google Maps – Explore with your students, compare and contrast what they saw from looking at the map of Zamora. 

Time lapse video of life cycle – shows the larva eating its egg at the very beginning

Canción: ñam, ñam, ñam – catchy little jingle


Capítulo 3

Newsela Article – Instinct section at the end of article, the teacher can change the language difficulty. 

Animal migrations and instincts – learn about other animals that migrate and have natural instincts


Capítulo 4

Tweet – English 

Tweet – Spanish

Tweet – Spanish

Vehículos cortan vuelo de mariposa monarca – at the end of the article it talks about things they do to try to help with vehicles hitting butterflies.


Capítulo 5

Mariposa Monarca comiendo nectar – This short video could be used as a brain break

Tweets – These tweets talk about pesticides and the butterflies

Decline of Western Monarchs – a video of the decline


Capítulo 6 

More than Monarchs: Effects of Wildfire on Monarch Butterfly Habitat – English articles


Capítulo 7

English infographic about El Día de los Muertos

Vlog of Morelia – El Día de los Muertos (English)


Capítulo 8

English infographic about El Día de los Muertos

Nat Geo Article about legends

National Geographic Kids – The legend of the Mariposa


General Links

Mariposa Monarca Mapa de vistas – people report where and when they see different cycles of a Monarch Butterflies life

Monarch Butterflies bred aboard Space Station – NASA

Monarch Butterfly Swarm – English Video

Day of the Dead and Migration Video – English & Spanish with English Subtitles – Narrated by Will Smith

MANUAL PARA EL EDUCADOR AMBIENTAL MARIPOSA MONARCA PROYECTO CORREO REAL – This is full of great information and would be great for Heritage Learners. Includes great pictures, infographics and worksheets

Coco Places you can actually visit – Includes inspiration from Michoacán 

Instagram – Mariposa Monarca Santuarios


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