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Carol Gaab has been an ESL and Spanish teacher for various MLB clubs since 1990 and a Spanish teacher for all ages/levels since ‘93. A master teacher and presenter, Carol currently directs the U.S. and Dominican language programs for the San Francisco Giants, in addition to providing teacher training for various institutions across the U.S and abroad. She has authored numerous novels, textbooks, teacher’s manuals and leveled readers, in addition to various articles for educational journals. The co-director of the iFLT Conference, Carol has also organized and hosted various language conferences nationally and internationally. 

Carol Gaab
Diana Noonan

Diana Noonan has 30 years of experience teaching French and Spanish in the Denver Public Schools. She currently works as the Coordinator of World Languages in DPS and the Spanish for Heritage Speakers Program. She offers workshops and professional development in comprehensible input methods and strategies or TCI  (Teaching with Comprehensible Input). She is the innovator of the Learning Lab TCI training model, a co-founder of iFLT and the co-director of the iFLT Conference.

Kristy Placido is a gifted author of various TPRS curricula, novels and teacher’s guides. A seasoned workshop presenter, Kristy has presented around the country (including at ACTFL and NTPRS) on diverse topics such as TPRS, reading strategies, classroom technology and assessment. Kristy has been teaching Spanish in Michigan for 15 years.

Kristy Placido
Leslie Davison

Leslie Davison has been teaching Spanish for over 15 years. She is a National Board Certified teacher with experience at both the high school and elementary levels.  She has served as the coordinator of a successful Dual Language School in Colorado and hosted last year’s iFLT in Breckenridge.  She shares her passion for language acquisition by presenting at national and international conferences as well as offering workshops in both TPRS and technology integration. Leslie is currently teaching Spanish in Asia at the Singapore American School.

Katya Paukova is a highly-sought TPRS presenter and editor. She has adapted/translated various TPRS materials to Russian and is a key presenter for NTPRS. A gifted teacher, Katya has taught Russian and French for middle/high schools, the United Nations, and the International Monetary Fund. Katya currently teaches Russian for the Defense Language Institute in Monterey, CA. She is a key presenter for NTPRS and iFLT


Katya Paukova
Carrie Toth

Carrie Toth is an experienced presenter who has given workshops at the local, state, regional, and national level on enhancing cultural knowledge in the world language classroom and backward planning through Understanding by Design. Carrie is an author and a National Board certified teacher in WLOE who serves as a mentor to National Board candidates. She has been teaching Spanish in Illinois for 19 years and was the recipient of the Horace Mann “Innovative Education Award” in 2011.

Martina Bex is a Spanish teacher with a passion for curriculum development; in particular, for exploring cultural topics using high frequency vocabulary. In addition to presenting at state and national conferences, Martina has worked with TPRS Publishing on various projects since 2011 and with several school districts as a curriculum and instructional consultant. She taught for two years at Syracuse University and four years at a public middle school in Anchorage before making the decision to stay home with her own children full-time. While her kids are sleeping, she sneaks away to post lesson plans, activities, and strategies for Comprehensible Input teachers on her blog, “The Comprehensible Classroom” (www.martinabex.com). 


Karen Rowen

 Karen Rowan has been teaching with TPRS since 1995.  She is the author of the Paso a paso and Realidades TPRS books, as well as the Isabela series of novels.  She has taught adults, children, middle school and high school students Spanish and English for 17 years and is currently teaching Spanish at Palmer High School in Colorado Springs.  Karen presents on TPRS and CI methods at school inservices, workshops and conferences nationally and internationally.  In November she was named one of the top 25 Young Business Professionals in the state of Colorado for her work as the owner of Fluency Fast Language Classes.  Formerly the director of the National TPRS Conference and the creator of TPRS Coaching, she brings a new concept, Guided Extreme Personalization for experienced teachers to this year’s iFLT.


Jason Fritze is an experienced and gifted trainer, presenting at state, regional and national language conferences, in addition to conducting workshops/ inservices. Jason is a National Board Certified Teacher in WLOE and has taught middle and high school Spanish. He currently teaches intensive language classes (Spanish and French) to adults, as well as Spanish to elementary students in California.

Jason Fritze
Joseph Diedzic

Joseph Dziedzic well experienced in presenting, mentoring, and researching best practices in CI , is currently teaching Spanish at a high school in Denver, CO. His passion and commitment to the CI methodology have led him to the development of CIteachers.com. He was awarded the “Jared Polis Teacher Recognition” and the “Mile High Teacher” for his commitment to world language education at the state and district level. Joe has presented on numerous occasions, for example, at the iFLT 2012 Conference and during a multitude of Denver Public Schools professional development workshops.

Sabrina Sebban-Janczak grew up in Paris France, where she received her Masters in Langues Etrangères Appliquées. In Chicago at National Louis University she obtained a Masters in Teaching. She had a small career as a stage actress before embarking on her teaching career. She now lives in Denver, Colorado where she currently teaches French in a public high school, as well as the University of Colorado. She coaches high school and university teachers in teaching with Comprehensible Input. She has presented at conferences. As a Teacher Leader for Denver Public School she has contributed in writing World Language Scope and Sequence, as well as DPS World Language Proficiency Examination documents. 


Donna Tatum-Johns is a gifted French teacher with over 25 years experience. She specializes in TPRS and other input-based strategies and is credited with many valuable contributions to the method. Also a gifted presenter, Donna leads teacher training workshops for various institutions across the country and serves as an editor/translator for various publishers. 


Annick Huiching Chen used to teach ELA and French, and currently teaches intensive Mandarin classes to adults and Chinese to high school students in Denver.  She not only is an expert in offering workshops, teacher trainings, and mentoring programs, but also has worked as the Chief Consultant to comprehensible-input-based World Languages education software called World Language Games over the past 6 years.  In addition to being a locally and nationally renowned TPRS (Teaching Proficiency though Reading and Storytelling) and TCI (Teaching with Comprehensible Input) presenter, Annick has been serving on the World Language Advisory Group and World Language Assessment Team for Denver Public Schools.  Her passion for serving disadvantaged students and CI methodologies had made her a “Mile High Teacher” in 2007.



Teri Wiechart

Teri Wiechart – Lead coach at iFLT and a gifted TPRS practitioner, boasting 35 years teaching experience. She currently works as a consultant to the Ohio Department of Ed. reforming state standards, and serves as an educational consultant helping educators implement new ways of teaching World Languages.  She has been a TPRS/CI trainer and Coach since 2001, at the National TPRS Conference, 2007-2013 and iFLT 2010, 2012.  She is currently the president of the Ohio Foreign Language Association.

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