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ISBN 978-1-64498-513-7
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Abejas exploradoras – Premium Teacher’s Guide DOWNLOAD

317 pages/slides, Prep 4 Success Included!




Comprehension questions 


Pre-Reading Discussion Questions Slideshow

Kinesthetic Activity / Game


Depredadores Slideshow 

Infographic “¿Cómo se produce la miel?“    

Infographic: ¿Cómo tratar una picadura de abeja?    

Infographic: La estructura de la colmena  

Infographic: La polinización  

La importancia de abejas Slideshow 

Mi libro de las abejas

Reading: ¿Cómo se comunican las abejas? 

Reading: “Boquete, Panamá“ 

Reading: “Xunan kab“   

Reading: La sociedad de las abejas  

Reading: Los meliponinos


Prep 4 Success Unit

Online Supplement

Reader’s Theater Scripts

Matamoscas Game

¿Al principio o al final?    

¿Primero o segundo?   

¿Quién lo dice?    

6 of One, Half Dozen of Another   

A Bunch of Hunches  

  • Pre-made Hunches   
  • Hunch Frames    
  • Open for Hunch    
  • Hunch of Silence   


Blooming Comprehension   

BUZZLE: “¿Cómo se produce la miel?“   

Color by Number Glyph    

Context Clues   

Curtain Call    

Doodle Noodle    

Emoji Theater   

Fill ‘Er Up   

Find the Faker    

Game: Bluff    

Game: Decisiones   

Leader of the Pack   

Nine You‘re Fine    

Placement Test (Sequencing Activity)    


Quite the Character   

Red Light, Green Light    

Revisit Predictions    

Scene Machine    

Space Cadet    

Text Pert   

The Gauntlet: Final Assessment   

The Lucky Reading Game   

The Splits   

The Unfair Game 

Thumbs Up, 7 Up   

Two Truths and a Lie

Which Sitch is Which?    

Write, Draw, Pass   

X Marks the Spot

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Product Features

317 pages: Everything you need to teach this reader!

317 pages: Everything you need to teach this reader!

317 pages: Everything you need to teach this reader!

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No shipping charges

No shipping charges

Most current file always at your fingertips.

Most current file always at your fingertips.

Most current file always at your fingertips.

Stored in your Fluency Matters 'Profile'.

Stored in your Fluency Matters 'Profile'.

Stored in your Fluency Matters 'Profile'.

Your guide is never lost. (Re)download as needed.

Your guide is never lost. (Re)download as needed.

Your guide is never lost. (Re)download as needed.

Level 1 Reader – Ecology-based Fiction

Unique Word Count: 50


Explorer bees, Gabriela and Isabela, generally do typical chores… until one day, the Queen Bee sends for them! The queen has a special job for Gabriela and Isabela, and the future of the bee colony depends on them. With enemies in their path and unpredictable obstacles along the way, they fearlessly attempt to fulfill the queen’s request and face an even greater challenge: do they stop to save someone who almost undermined their success and the entire future of their colony?

The low unique word count and high frequency factor (the number of times core structures are embedded in the text) in the Comprehension-based™ reader, ‘Abejas exploradoras’, make this an ideal comprehension-based™ reader for beginning Spanish students. Each page is loaded with cognates (words that are similar in English and Spanish), recycled vocabulary, and illustrations, which makes this read highly comprehensible. Enjoy the story! The more you enjoy it, the more you will acquire Spanish without even realizing it! We hope you enjoy reading your way to FLUENCY!


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