Brandon Brown versus Yucatán – Teacher’s Guide CD


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ISBN 978-1-940408-05-7
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Brandon Brown versus Yucatán – Teacher’s Guide CD


• Chapter vocabulary
• Pre-reading activities
Let’s read!: Activities to boost
engagement while reading
• Comprehension questions
What do you have to say?
Personalized questions and answers
that connect students with the text
• Quiz


Beyond-the-Text readings: Hecho en México- Cinco películas fi lmadas en México, ¿Quiénes eran los mayas?, Ek’Balam- El Jaguar Negro, Pok-a-tok- El juego de pelota, Máscaras mayas, Itzmal- una ciudad diversa, El fútbol- El deporte nacional de México, La religión de los mayas, El calendario maya, Chac Mool
• Reader’s Theater
• Geography of the Yucatán with map activities
• Post-reading comprehension activities
Slideshows: Ek’Balam, Máscaras mayas, ¡Qué sorpresa!, ¿Qué tan responsable eres?, Vamos a hacer un tour, Vamos a un resort, Vamos a Yucatán
• Puzzle activities to inspire higher order thinking
• Final test
• Suggested fi nal projects

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TEACHER’S GUIDE TO ACCOMPANY Brandon Brown versus Yucatán
Level 1 Reader – Fiction, Humor

Unique Word Count: 140

It takes Brandon Brown less than a day to find trouble while on vacation with his family in Cancun, Mexico. He quickly learns that in Mexico, bad decisions and careless mischief can bring much more than a 12-year-old boy can handle alone. Will he and his new friend, Justin, outwit their parents, or will their mischievous antics eventually catch up with them?


The low unique word count and high frequency factor (the number of times core structures are embedded in the text) make this an ideal read for advanced beginning Spanish students. Remember, the principle behind providing the this comprehension-based reader in two tenses is NOT to focus on grammar, but rather to focus on the story in the tense in which the reader and/or teacher feels most comfortable. Enjoy the story! The more you enjoy it, the more you will acquire Spanish without even realizing it! Happy reading!


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ISBN 9781940408057

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