Comprehensible MW- COFLT 2016



Key Elements for SLA-driven Content:
1. Must be comprehensible.
• Limit how much new language is included in the ‘text’. Shorten or edit the
resource if necessary.
• Establish meaning of new language structures before you dive in. This can be done
subtly and naturally by facilitating discussions that help students connect to the
topic and simultaneously help them begin acquiring new vocabulary.
• Pacing: Point & speak; pause; repeat.
2. They must provide repeated exposure to new language structures.
• Focus on asking questions. This will allow you to repeat language structures in a
natural way and naturally engage students.
• Take baby steps and don’t rush the process. Acquisition takes time!
3. Input must be engaging, interesting enough to sustain attention.
• Personalize! Talk about things that interest students and/or in a way that will
interest students.
• Focus on interpersonal communication.

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