Conexiones: Making Connections with the Spanish-Speaking World


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A non-fiction book for free reading in Spanish. This new book is filled with short interesting articles that will help Spanish students to understand and connect with the Spanish-speaking world. My students have enjoyed these readings and I bet yours will too. It is simple enough for levels 1 & 2 to read and it is interesting enough for all levels to pick up cultural insights in a low-stress format.

This book is also suitable to use as a cultural and geographical component of a level 1,2 or 3 class.

There are not enough comprehensible and interesting reading materials in beginning Spanish for the student that enjoys browsing through magazines like National Geographic. I learned a lot from that kind of light compelling reading when I was a kid and I am betting that there are plenty of students that will enjoy reading articles like that today. Short articles like the ones in this book can fill that gap.

Illustrated and with maps in full color. 99 pages.

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