¡Cuánto me cuentas! Student Text



¡Cuánto me cuentas! Student Text – 181 pages of illustrated stories and engaging activities

Finally, a program designed to take language learners beyond novice and intermediate-low levels! The textbook is packed with compelling stories and activities designed to bring students to levels that were once unattainable.

This CI-based curriculum contains cohesive lessons that feature compelling stories, rich reading, engaging activities and cultural highlights that are sure to inspire students and help them develop communicative and cultural competence.

The curriculum is strategically designed to naturally recycle vocabulary and extend learning through new and meaningful contexts. This comprehension-based program has a proven track record for helping students reach unrivaled levels of proficiency!

Bulk discount: $19/book for Qty of 25 or more
ISBN # 978-1-934958-00-1

Other curriculum components include:

Student Reader – 130 reproducible mini-story readings

Teacher’s Manual –  181 pages of comprehensive lessons and strategies for facilitating acquisition

Story Illustrations on CD – for projecting / discussing each mini-story

Tests & Quizzes on CD – 8 summative assessments that include listening comprehension, reading comprehension, oral proficiency picture prompts, and writing prompts.

Bound book is also available


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