¡Cuéntame! Activity Masters on CD



¡Cuéntame! Activities & Quizzes on CD – 50 reproducible activities and 25 quizzes

This popular program for 4th-6th grades features 25 whimsical (mis)-adventures of Gabi the cat. Each engaging episode is based on a handful of high-frequency vocabulary that is naturally recycled in each subsequent episode. Language acquisition is efficiently achieved by following the comprehensive lessons, which provide step-by-step instructions for facilitating acquisition. Acquisition is fostered through TPR, age- and level-appropriate questions and story scripts for engaging students in co-construction of a story. Strategically written mini-stories also provide rich exposure to the target language in a comprehensible and compelling way.


ISBN # 978-1-934958-38-4


Other curriculum components that are available, include:

Student Reader – 175 reproducible mini-story readings

Student textbook – 130 pages of illustrated stories and engaging activities

Teacher’s Manual –  280 pages of comprehensive lessons

Story Illustrations on CD – for projecting / discussing the episode


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