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Interested in a Group Subscription? Please read the description first!

Send us your student list and we will set up student accounts, assign passwords, create all of your groups and instantly set you on a course to fluency!


Designed for students that do not have an e-mail/schools that do not allow students to have an e-mail AND/OR for teachers who would like all guesswork taken out of set-up. 


In order to set up a group account without a valid email address, a fake address must be invented for students. The teacher or Fluency Matters can assign a fake email address to each student (example: John Doe – JohnD@FakeMail.FM). Our e-course specialist will then manually assign a password to each student and then provide the teacher with a spreadsheet containing the user information. Students will then be able to log into the site using their fake email and their assigned password.


*Please allow up to 3 business days for set-up.

There is a $12.50 service fee for every increment of fifty students for which Fluency Matters sets up an account with fake email and password.  Please see pricing and quantities below.

Individual quantities are based on the number of students:

Quantity: 1

(+50 students)


Quantity: 2

(51 to 100 students)


Quantity: 3

(101 to 150 students)


Quantity: 4

(151 to 200 students)

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