El Escape – Novel


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El Escape – Novel


By Alicia Quintero


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Can an obsession with technology, turn deadly? Well, these “techy” teens are about to find out.  Federico and his friends have an insatiable desire to “capture” and “record” every memorable moment. However, not all memories are created equal, and these boys are about to discover this harsh reality.  Against the advice of a town elder, these thrill-seeking teenagers set out to film their usual pranks and upload them to Youtube; but they won’t get the last laugh. They stumble upon an incident that has #danger, written all over it. Anxious to add to their video repertoire, they press record. Now they’ve become the ”victims” of a new crime thriller. There is no turning back. Federico and his friends must outsmart the bad guys before they get permanently “deleted.”


Present, Preterite, Imperfect, Present subjunctive, Some past subjunctive

Unique Word Count: 350

ISBN 978-1981233489


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