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Fiesta fatal – Novel



Fiesta fatal – Novel 

Written in Past tense

Unique word count: 140 ⁄ Total word count: 4,750

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Does every girl deserve to be treated as a princess for a day? Or are there definite exceptions?


If anyone deserves a disastrous quinceanera birthday party, it is mean-spirited Vanesa Romero. Vanesa wants to impress everyone at her party, thus restoring her image with her classmates. If she only could fix her rocky relationship with her mom, things would be nearly perfect. Much to her surprise, when she puts on her extravagant dress for the party she becomes a target rather than a princess for a day. Her dad’s ill-fated undercover mission with the local drug cartel, in the Mexican city of Morelia, is about to make an appearance.

ISBN # 978-0-9914411-0-5



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