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E-book Preview Bundle includes:


1. Les Découvertes incroyables
2. Brandon Brown à la conquête de Quèbec (Past tense)
3. Émeraude, le bébé tortue marine
4. Un Royaume en danger
5. Marie-Antoinette et le collier de la mort
6. NEW! L’étudiante étrangère

Les Découvertes incroyables

Level 2 & up Reader Mystery/Suspense, written and read in Present Tense

Unique Word Count: 230


After a terrorist attack leaves Laurine Dupont fatherless and with life-altering injuries, her brother and mother must turn their attention to her care. Nathan spends his days caring for his sister while his mother, a scientist, spends her days experimenting in her laboratory. Will her work in the lab save her daughter or put the entire family in grave danger?

Marie-Antoinette et le collier de la mort

Level 2 Reader – Historical Drama, written and read in Past Tense

Unique Word Count: 225


In 1772, France’s King Louis XV commissions Parisian jewelers, Messieurs Bassange and Boehmer, to create a diamond necklace. The king dies before he pays for the elaborate multi-million-dollar piece, leaving the jewelers strapped for cash and struggling to find a buyer. Convinced by a friend to win back the favor of the queen, Marie Antoinette, Cardinal de Rohan steps up to buy it on her behalf. After a 13-year search, the desperate jewelers think their problem is finally solved… until they find themselves at the center of a scandal that will change the course of history. This tale of greed, deception and fraud is based on the true story of Marie-Antoinette and the famous necklace scandal.

L’étudiante étrangère

Level 1/2 Reader – Mystery/Suspense, written and read in Present Tense

Unique Word Count: 147


Dominique is not exactly enthusiastic about hosting Bianca, the new exchange student. Bianca is beautiful, popular, and arrogant…and she seems intent on making Dominique’s life miserable. Are Dominique’s misgivings about Bianca grounded in petty jealousy or is her intuition correct? Bianca has woven a tangled web, and Dominique is stunned when she discovers who is caught in the middle of it!

Brandon Brown à la conquête de Quèbec

Level 1 Reader Fiction & Humor, written and read in Past Tense

Unique Word Count: 165


It takes Brandon Brown less than a day to find trouble while on vacation with his family in Quebec, Canada. He quickly learns that in Quebec, bad decisions and careless mischief can bring much more than a 12-year-old boy can handle alone. Will he and his new friend, Justin, outwit their parents, or will their mischievous antics eventually catch up with them?

Émeraude, le bébé tortue marine

Level 1 & up Reader – Ecology-based Fiction, written and read in Present Tense

Unique Word Count: 90


Émeraude is a tiny baby turtle who struggles against all odds to avoid the many pitfalls that she encounters between her nest and the sea. With a lot of support from helpful human and animal friends, Émeraude is ready to begin the long search for her mother. Join Émeraude on a perilous and exciting marine adventure!

Un Royaume en danger

Level 2 & up Reader – Adventure/Suspense, written and read in Past Tense

Unique Word Count: 215


When a wounded knight arrives at their village, Martin and Leiliana take him to Madeleine, the village sorcerer for help. They soon discover that other strangers have also arrived at the village and have burned it to the ground. As they flee for their lives, they discover that they hold the secret to fulfilling a prophecy that could not only save their lives but save the kingdom as well.

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