Short Stories German Reader 3/4


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The new German 3/4 reader has already been classroom tested by the author, students, and several selected teachers who have been using the stories with success in their classrooms.

The reader builds on the German 1 and German 2 readers. The difficulty at the beginning of the reader matches the difficulty of the 2.1 Reader. The 3/4 reader introduces new vocabulary and yet remembers the vocabulary in the previous readers. The 41 stories build in difficulty and stand independently with no repeat characters or themes with two exceptions. Stories 12 and 13 and stories 25 through 29.

At the end of Story 12 (DER EHRLICHE MANN UND DIE SCHà–NE FRAU), the student is asked to write an ending to the story. Story 13 (RACHE IST SàœàŸ) is the authors ending to the previous story. Stories 25 through 29 need to be read in sequence and contain the same characters, setting and theme. The reader is 5.5 x 8.5 inches and 168 pages. Stories average 455 words.

Each story is written using specific target words and phrases that are repeated throughout the story and subsequent stories. Words the students are not expected to know are in bold type with the English meaning of those words defined at the end of each story. After each story there are questions for the students to answer.

The target vocabulary was chosen to make the reading of actual German legends and other authentic materials easier to read.


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