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E-book Preview Bundle includes:


1. Mysteriöse Nächte in Regensburg  (written in mixed tenses and includes present tense, perfect (conversational) past tense, and narrative past tense.)
2. Brandon Brown entdeckt Bayern (Present Tense)
3. Namika
4. Er träumt von Amerika (Present Tense)

5. Esmeralda, die kleine Meeresschildkröte

Mysteriöse Nächte in Regensburg

Level 2 & up Reader Supernatural fiction, written in mixed tenses and includes present tense, perfect (conversational) past tense, and narrative past tense.

Unique Word Count: 174


Kevin used to have the perfect life. Now, dumped by his popular girlfriend, Kevin leaves for a summer in Germany with his best friend, and his life seems anything but perfect. Taking classes he can’t understand, living with a very odd host-family, trying to get the attention of a girl with whom he has no chance, and dealing with a guy who has a dark side and who seems to be out to get him, Kevin escapes into a book and enters a world of long-ago adventures. As the boundaries between his two worlds begin to blur, Kevin discovers that nothing is as it appears…especially at night!

Brandon Brown entdeckt Bayern

Level 1 & up Reader Humor, written and read in present tense

Unique Word Count: 334


It takes Brandon Brown less than a day to find trouble while on vacation with his family in Bavaria. He quickly learns that in Bavaria, bad decisions and careless mischief can bring much more than a 12-year-old boy can handle alone. Will he and his new friend, Justin, outwit their parents, or will their mischievous antics eventually catch up with them?

Er träumt von Amerika

Level 1 & up Reader – Nonfiction Biography, written and read in present tense

Unique Word Count: 110


Philanthropist, businessman, politician, activist, author, filmmaker, Hollywood actor, and international sensation, Arnold Schwarzenegger actually began his extensive career in a different country and in a different arena all together.

Find out where and how Arnie launched his first of many careers. His story is sure to inspire and surprise you!


Level 3 & up Reader Biography, written and read naturally narrated in past and present tense

Unique Word Count: 300


Hanan Hamdi is anything but ordinary! Born in Germany to Moroccan parents, Hanan looks neither like a typical German nor a typical rap singer. Growing up in Germany ‘different’ and without a father, Hanan struggled with her identity. In Germany she was ‘the Moroccan’ and in Morocco she was ‘the German’. Learn how she came to understand that having two cultures is a precious gift. Hanan’s love of music helped her find herself and her music communicates powerful messages of acceptance, love and family. As Namika, she would later give many interviews about her background and upbringing. This book is based on those interviews as well as on the song texts she herself writes. After all, the name Namika means ‘the writer’.

Esmeralda, die kleine Meeresschildkröte

Level 1 & up Reader – Ecology-based Fiction, written and read in present tense

Unique Word Count: 100


Esmeralda is a tiny baby turtle who struggles against all odds to avoid the many pitfalls that she encounters between her nest and the sea. With a lot of support from helpful human and animal friends, Esmeralda is ready to begin the long search for her mother. Join Esmeralda on a perilous and exciting marine adventure!

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