Hola Ninos- Scope and Sequence PREVIEW



Hola Ninos- Scope and Sequence PREVIEW

¡Hola Niños!
TPRS Spanish Curriculum for grades K-3
Complete with teacher notes, reproducible student pages, overhead
transparencies, illustrations for all vocabulary items and stories, as
well as games, game pieces and materials. Topics covered:
•Greetings and common courtesies • Numbers and counting
•Common phrases and vocabulary • High-frequency words •
Family • Descriptions and colors • Days of the week • Clothing •
Body parts • Foods • School
Units One and Two: Include a Game Section, Introduction
Section, as well as all Unit materials. Covers common courtesies and
greetings, stating one’s name, numbers up to 10, names, physical
descriptions, main characters of text, common words and
expressions and more.
Unit Three: Covers state of being, days of the week, food and
eating, and common phrases and vocabulary.
Unit Four: Covers stating thirst/hunger, numbers and counting
11 – 20, body parts, common phrases and vocabulary.
Unit Five: Covers stating family, statements of going and coming,
common phrases and school vocabulary.
Unit Six: Covers nationalities and countries, stating wants and
likes, modes of transportation, numbers and counting 21-50.
Unit Seven: Covers clothing, expressing state of being (hot and
cold), getting dressed…
Unit Eight: Covers weather, seasons, months, date, age…
Overall Objectives:
Students willl be able to:
1. Identify specific items and actions.
2. Understand and answer simple questions pertaining to personal
state of being, family and personal facts, such as name, age, where
one lives, etc.
3. Understand and express thirst, hunger, state of mind and being.
4. State wants, likes and dislikes.
5. Understand and answer simple questions pertaining to location,
nationalities, numbers and counting to 50, days of the week, months
of the year.
Goals of Program:
* To develop an understanding and an appreciation for other
languages and cultures.
* To develop real usable listening comprehension skills.
* To develop verbal proficiency in the target language, using correct
accent and pronunciation.
* To build a vocabulary base, which will enable the learner to
communicate about a variety of commonly and frequently discussed


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