¡Hola niños! Units 1-4 CD



¡Hola niños!  Units 1-4  on CD

This traditional Total Physical Response Storytelling program features 8 units and 250+ pages of ‘Edu-tainment’ specifically designed for grades K-3! The complete program includes an introduction, games section, teacher’s notes with comprehensive lessons, and reproducible student activities. Lessons and stories are based on high-frequency vocabulary and typical elementary curriculum, including:

·   common courtesies
·   numbers 1-20
·   days of the week
·   food and eating
·   school
·   family
·   travel
·   weather
·   clothing
·   body parts
·   physical descriptions
·   stating name, thirst, hunger,
·   state of being


Units One and Two: Include a Game Section, Introduction Section, as well as all Unit materials. Covers common courtesies and greetings, stating one’s name, numbers up to 10, names, physical descriptions, main characters of text, common words and expressions and more.

Unit Three: Covers state of being, days of the week, food and eating, and common phrases and vocabulary.

Unit Four: Covers stating thirst/hunger, numbers and counting 11 – 20, body parts, common phrases and vocabulary.


ISBN # 978-1-934958-77-3


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