¡Hola niños! Units 5-8 CD



¡Hola niños!  Units 5-8 on CD

This traditional Total Physical Response Storytelling program features 8 units and 250+ pages of ‘Edu-tainment’ specifically designed for grades K-3! The complete program includes an introduction, games section, teacher’s notes with comprehensive lessons, and reproducible student activities. Lessons and stories are based on high-frequency vocabulary and typical elementary curriculum, including:

·   common courtesies
·   numbers 1-20
·   days of the week
·   food and eating
·   school
·   family
·   travel
·   weather
·   clothing
·   body parts
·   physical descriptions
·   stating name, thirst, hunger,
·   state of being


Unit Five: Covers stating family, statements of going and coming, common phrases and school vocabulary.

Unit Six: Covers nationalities and countries, stating wants and likes, modes of transportation, numbers and counting 21-50.

Unit Seven: Covers clothing, expressing state of being (hot and cold), getting dressed…

Unit Eight: Covers weather, seasons, months, date, age…


ISBN # 978-1-934958-76-6


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