Level 1 Spanish FVR E-Library


Includes 6 Pre-selected Spanish E-books; Minimum purchase 25 students.

See complete details under ‘Description’.

Includes digital Comprehension-based™ Readers and Audiobooks

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Level 1

FVR E-Library


Level 1 FVR E-Library includes 6 Pre-selected Spanish E-books.

Minimum purchase is 25 students.

  1. Llama en Lima (55 unique words)
  2. Brandon Brown dice la verdad (Present Tense) (75 unique words)
  3. Silencio, ¡por favor! (98 unique words)
  4. Brandon Brown hace trampa (Past & Present Tense!) (100 unique words)
  5. Marcos y los reyes magos (100 unique words)
  6. Feliz Cumpleaños* (100 unique words) *ACQ -NO AUDIO

No substitutions to titles or quantities.


Includes: 6 Digital Comprehension-based™ Readers and Audiobooks.

*No Audio for ACQ E-books

Subscription Length: 12 months 

*Please note that subscriptions begin when an order is confirmed.

Read Terms and Conditions. 

  • FVR E-Library consists of pre-selected E-books only.
  • There are no refunds on unused E-books or unused seats.
  • E-Library cannot be paused, banked or carried over beyond the 12-month subscription period. 
  • E-Library subscriptions are not transferable to other students. Only one student may use a ‘seat’ within the FVR E-Library subscription. 
  • Student e-mail is not required. Read E-Learning terms and conditions for more information.

All Fluency Matters materials are protected by U.S. Copyright Law. No portion of any book, unless represented as reproducible, may be reproduced or used in any manner without the express written consent from Fluency Matters. Unlawful distribution of reproducible materials is a violation of copyright. Disseminating materials via email, or posting on the internet, regardless if a site is password-protected, is strictly prohibited and punishable by law. Thank you for honoring our teacher-authors and respecting copyright.

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