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Mata la piñata (Present and Past tense), Spanish, Teacher Edition, Digital


One-year subscription to Mata la piñata, Spanish, Premium Teacher Guide, Student Edition FlexText®, and Explorer.
FlexText® and Explorer accessed through Wayside Publishing’s Learning Site® are replacing e-Courses, e-Activities, Audiobooks, and e-Books.

Teachers or Administrators interested in purchasing licenses for a class please check the "Enable Group Registration" box and designate the number of licenses you would like to purchase. A group discounted rate will apply to your purchase: ** 5-30 Licenses = $4.75 ** 31-60 Licenses = $4.50 ** 61-90 Licenses = $4.25 ** Over 91 Licenses = $4.00

One-year subscription to Mata la piñata, Spanish, Premium Teacher Guide, Student Edition FlexText®, and Explorer®
FlexText® and Explorer® accessed through Wayside Publishing’s Learning Site® are replacing e-Courses, e-Activities, Audiobooks, and e-Books.

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