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Me llamo Víctor- Novel



Me llamo Víctor – Novel


Not every kid has to be popular. Not every kid has to be good-looking. And that’s a good thing… because Víctor is neither.

After years of living beneath an impossibly large shadow, Víctor’s life is about to dramatically change. Today is his 15th birthday, and with it will come an unexpected discovery. Some might even call it a gift. But not all gifts should be accepted. Especially when the gift chooses you.


Although many readers already know Víctor from Señor Wooly’s Guapo music video trilogy, their familiarity could never prepare them for what they are about to read. This book is the first part in the hilarious, unpredictable, and inevitably heartbreaking story of how Víctor became… guapo.


  • 120 pages
  • Features a per-page Spanish-to English glossary.
  • Ideal for Novice-Mid to Intermediate-Mid second-language learners in middle/high school.


ISBN #978-0-9977635-6-0


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