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Pirata del Norte – Novel



Pirata del Norte, written by Robert Harrell


Geoff and his girlfriend’s little brother are bodyboarding, when Geoff is caught by a wave and carried to the North Sea in the year 1400.

There, he meets the (in)famous pirate Klaus Stoertebeker, experiences life as the ship’s cabin boy, and even lives part of the legend. Join Geoff as he learns about a pirate’s life at sea and on land, becomes friends with the “Red Devil” and faces death by beheading.

Students say that this is “an awesome story”, “very creative, an exciting adventure”, “a fun story with an exciting plot”.

Written for students at the end of second-year Spanish and beyond, the book is at ACTFL Novice-Mid to Novice-High and CEFR A1/A2.

52 pages of text divided into 8 chapters, plus maps, glossary, illustrations, and historical notes address several of the AP® Course’s Themes.

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