Rufus et arma atra – Latin Novella – Reader


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Rufus et arma atra-Latin Novella – Reader

by Lance Piantaggini


Rufus is a Roman boy who excitedly awaits an upcoming fight featuring the best gladiator, Crixaflamma. After a victorious gladiatorial combat in the Flavian Amphitheater (i.e. Colosseum), Crixaflamma’s weapons suddenly go missing! Can Rufus help find the missing weapons? Rufus et arma atra contains just 40 unique words (excluding names, different forms of words, and meaning established within the text)! Rufus et arma atra can be read independently from, or alongside Piso Ille Poetulus, and works well with any gladiatorial games unit in Latin class.


ISBN 978-1543203097


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