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Sostenible – Reader


Unique Word Count: 338

Written in Past Tense

Social Justice

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Sostenible – Comprehension-based™ Reader


by Carrie Toth


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How do cultural norms affect the way we consume? How does our consumption affect the world around us? How can we ensure that each human being is born with certain basic human rights? The United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals are designed to help the world’s citizens work together to protect our planet and its people. Learn how ordinary people, young and old, have had a global impact and find out what YOU can do to help achieve the goals!

This Comprehension-based™ reader, ‘Sostenible’, strategically weaves high-level language structures into a compelling story, based on high-frequency vocabulary. Even upper level language students need repeated exposure to language structures in order to acquire them, and Fluency Matters’ intermediate readers maintain a high frequency factor of high-level language structures, thus helping learners progress beyond typical proficiency levels. But do not focus on language structures or the advanced grammatical features embedded in this story. Rather, focus on enjoying the story! The more you enjoy it, the more you will acquire Spanish without even realizing it! We hope you enjoy reading your way to FLUENCY!

ISBN 978-1-64498-310-2

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