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Spanish 1

E-book Preview bundle includes:


1. Esmeralda, la tortuguita marina
2. Laritza
3. Silencio, ¡por favor!
4. Lucha Lila
5. Sueño hecho realidad
6. NEW! El duende de Salento

Esmeralda, la tortuguita marina

Level 1 & up Reader Ecology-based Fiction, written and read in Present Tense

Unique Word Count: 50


Esmeralda is a tiny baby turtle who struggles against all odds to avoid the many pitfalls that she encounters between her nest and the sea. With a lot of support from helpful human and animal friends, Esmeralda is ready to begin the long search for her mother. Join Esmeralda on a perilous and exciting marine adventure!

Silencio, ¡por favor!

Level 1 & up Reader Culture-based Adventure, written and read in Present Tense

Unique Word Count: 98


Living in Cairo, Egypt is anything but quiet. Day and night Samir hears continuous noise in spite of his attempts to ignore or eliminate it. Even his family is noisy! Desperate to sleep and study, Samir makes a bold attempt to escape the noisy city– even if it requires abandoning his family. He soon discovers that living without family in a constant state of ‘quiet’ is not as wonderful as he thought.

Sueño hecho realidad

Level 2 & up Reader – Social Justice, written and read in Present Tense, First Person

Unique Word Count: 270


A year after losing her father, Denise is dealing with her tremendous loss, as well as the daily struggles of a typical high school student. But that’s not all. She has to grapple with unfair treatment at school, which could undermine the dreams she has for her future. Denise is fed up. She wants things to be different. But how?


Level 1 & up Reader Social Consciousness, written and read in past & present Tense

Unique Word Count: 110


Sixteen year old Laritza is never happier than when she is singing. When she and her undocumented father move to a new town, she is thrilled that the choir director at her new school has noticed her talent. She is encouraged to audition for a solo and is also excited to compete in ‘Elmerton Idol,’ a school-wide singing competition. When racist bullies try to undermine Laritza’s success, she loses heart. Can she find happiness in her new school in spite of the obstacles she faces?

Lucha Lila

Level 2 & up Reader – Fiction/Personal Identity, written and read in Past Tense

Unique Word Count: 265


Lila is an “invisible.” She prefers to live a quiet, unnoticed, drama-free life. She does her schoolwork, she helps out at home, and she never rocks the boat. One day, by chance, she stumbles upon the masked world of lucha libre, and as she increasingly steps away from her comfort zone, she discovers that she enjoys the action and excitement of the ring. But will her newfound confidence allow her to find her voice and stand up for herself…even when the mask comes off?

El duende de Salento

Level 2 & up Reader – Culture-based legend, written and read in Present Tense

Unique Word Count: 160


A legend is a story that has been passed down from generation to generation. Although many believe legends are historically-based, they generally are not verifiable. When Zaria’s parents impose restrictions that are founded on a legend, Zaria is determined to verify it is anything but true. What she discovers sends a chill down her spine and is sure to make your hair stand on end!

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