Spanish 2 – E-book Preview bundle


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Spanish 2

E-book Preview Bundle includes:


1. Dreamer
2. Testigo: La historia de Brayan (Novice)

3. Mujeres extraordinarias (Novice)
4. Paralelo 38: La 4.a expedición de John C. Frémont

5. Come on Let’s Go: La historia autorizada de Ritchie Valens


Level 2 & up Reader Drama, written and read in Past Tense

Unique Word Count: 284


Lucho is one of 365,000 DREAMERS– students who qualify for the DREAM (Development, Relief, and Education for Alien Minors) Act. He dreams of going to college and running on the university track team, and he thinks that tuition costs are the only hurdle standing in his way. Lucho trains tirelessly to earn a track scholarship, only to have his dreams dashed in one split second! This is his story of dreams, loss, and the will to overcome.

Mujeres extraordinarias (Novice)

Level 3 & up Reader Nonfiction Biographies, written and read in Past Tense

Unique Word Count: 190


When a crippling illness attacked Beatrice ‘Bebe’ Vio’s body, she struggled not to let it destroy her passion for the sport she had once dominated and loved. Yusra Mardini pursued her passion of swimming in spite of living amid violence, war, and instability. Although strict laws forbade it, Sonita Alizadeh used her mind and her voice to speak up for herself and other Afghan girls. Irena Sendler risked her own life to save the lives of thousands of Jewish babies when Nazi Germany invaded Poland. War heroine, Petra Herrera, wouldn’t take ‘no’ for an answer when she was forbidden from fighting alongside males during the Mexican Revolution. Clemantine Wamariya used the horrors that she endured during the Rwandan genocide of the Tutsi people to become a powerful advocate for refugees worldwide. You are sure to be amazed and inspired by the incredible stories of these six extraordinary women!

Come on Let’s Go: La historia autorizada de Ritchie Valens

Level 2 & up Reader – Nonfiction-Biography, written and read in Past Tense

Unique Word Count: 205


Richard Steven Valenzuela is the epitome of a true overnight success! Born in 1941 to a working class Mexican-American family in California’s San Fernando Valley, ‘Ritchie’ dazzled the music industry with his unique blend of Latin rhythm and Rock ‘n’ Roll. At just 17 years old, Ritchie was well on his way to becoming a teen idol and one of the most popular Rock ’n’ Roll musicians of all times. Learn how this teen’s talent impacted the course of musical history!

Testigo: La historia de Brayan (Novice)

Level 3 & up Reader Nonfiction Suspense, written and read in past Tense

Unique Word Count: 198


What if we could UNsee an event? What if we could UNexperience a tragedy? For 14 year old Brayan that would mean an end to his fear and paranoia and the return to his home, friends and family. Unfortunately, what Brayan has witnessed has left him alone and fleeing for his life. Will the hope of a better life far beyond the borders of Guatemala be enough to keep him safe? This is the true story of Brayan’s struggle for survival and his quest to rebuild a new life after losing everything.

Paralelo 38: La 4.a expedición de John C. Frémont

Level 2 & up Reader – Nonfiction, written and read in Present Tense

Unique Word Count: 208


Fourteen-year-old Ted McNabb is thrilled that he has been invited to be part of John C. Frémont’s Fourth Expedition, thanks to his Uncle Alexis. Although he is excited, Ted is a bit nervous after hearing rumors of dangerous wild animals and unwelcoming indigenous people. He has no idea that there are much bigger obstacles to face and that his greatest fears may prove to be his greatest assets. In fact, his life may depend on them! This compelling story is based on the true account of Frémont’s Fourth Expedition along the 38th Parallel.

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