Spanish BOO’ooks Bundle 1

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Spanish BOO’ooks Bundle 1

Silencio cover

Silencio, ¡por favor! – Comprehension-based™ Reader

by Emily Ibrahim


Written in Present Tense · Culture-based Adventure


98 Unique Words

Preview & Glossary Sample


Living in Cairo, Egypt is anything but quiet. Day and night Samir hears continuous noise in spite of his attempts to ignore or eliminate it. Even his family is noisy! Desperate to sleep and study, Samir makes a bold attempt to escape the noisy city– even if it requires abandoning his family. He soon discovers that living without family in a constant state of ‘quiet’ is not as wonderful as he thought.

ISBN 978-1-64498-126-9

Esmeralda Cover

Esmeralda, la tortuguita marina – Comprehension-based™ Reader

by Kristy Placido


Written in Present Tense · Ecology-based Fiction


50 Unique Words

Preview and Glossary Sample

Esmeralda is a tiny baby turtle who struggles against all odds to avoid the many pitfalls that she encounters between her nest and the sea. With a lot of support from helpful human and animal friends, Esmeralda is ready to begin the long search for her mother. Join Esmeralda on a perilous and exciting marine adventure!

ISBN 978-1-64498-128-3


Laritza – Comprehension-based™ Reader

by Kristy Placido


Two Versions Under One Cover: Past and Present Tense · Social Consciousness


100 Unique Words

Preview & Glossary Sample


Sixteen year old Laritza is never happier than when she is singing. When she and her undocumented father move to a new town, she is thrilled that the choir director at her new school has noticed her talent. She is encouraged to audition for a solo and is also excited to compete in ‘Elmerton Idol,’ a school-wide singing competition. When racist bullies try to undermine Laritza’s success, she loses heart. Can she find happiness in her new school in spite of the obstacles she faces?

ISBN 978-1-64498-091-0

Una Heroina Improbable Reader

Una heroína improbable – Comprehension-based™ Reader

by Faith Laux


Two Versions Under One Cover: Past and Present Tense · Humor


155 Unique Words

Preview and Glossary Sample

Anabel’s thirteenth birthday brings her many surprises… a special message from her grandmother, a long-awaited opportunity to talk with Gabriel, her handsome heartthrob, and a terrible secret that not only threatens to ruin her chances with Gabriel, but also her REPUTATION! Will Anabel reveal her secret in order to save her classmate’s life? And if she does, will her reputation be ruined…forever?

ISBN 978-1-64498-077-4

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