Spanish BOO’ooks Bundle 2

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Spanish BOO’ooks Bundle 2


Testigo: La historia de Brayan – Comprehension-based™ Reader

by Kristy Placido


Written in Past Tense · Nonfiction Suspense


198 Unique Words – Novice-high
300 Unique Words – Intermediate-low

Preview & Glossary Sample


What if we could UNsee an event? What if we could UNexperience a tragedy? For 14 year old Brayan that would mean an end to his fear and paranoia and the return to his home, friends and family. Unfortunately, what Brayan has witnessed has left him alone and fleeing for his life. Will the hope of a better life far beyond the borders of Guatemala be enough to keep him safe? This is the true story of Brayan’s struggle for survival and his quest to rebuild a new life after losing everything.

ISBN  978-1-64498-092-7

Paralelo 38 Reader

Paralelo 38 Reader

Paralelo 38: La 4.a expedición de John C. Frémont- Comprehension-based™ Reader

by René Frazee


Written in Present Tense · Nonfiction


208 Unique Words

Preview and Glossary Sample

Fourteen-year-old Ted McNabb is thrilled that he has been invited to be part of John C. Frémont’s Fourth Expedition, thanks to his Uncle Alexis. Although he is excited, Ted is a bit nervous after hearing rumors of dangerous wild animals and unwelcoming indigenous people. He has no idea that there are much bigger obstacles to face and that his greatest fears may prove to be his greatest assets. In fact, his life may depend on them! This compelling story is based on the true account of Frémont’s Fourth Expedition along the 38th Parallel.

ISBN  978-1-64498-125-2


Bananas – Comprehension-based™ Reader

by Carrie Toth


Written in Past tense · Historical Fiction


275 Unique Words

Preview & Glossary Sample


After divorcing, Mario’s mother must uproot the family to find work. Mario struggles with the thought of moving, until he experiences the benefits of his mother’s new job at a fruit company. His new life includes an almost unlimited supply of bananas and a series of new adventures. However, Mario develops a great distaste for bananas once he sees the REAL harvest of the banana plantations.

ISBN 978-1-64498-084-2

Minerva reader

Minerva – Comprehension-based™ Reader

by Nelly Andrade-Hughes


Written in Past Tense · Historical Fiction


275 Unique Words

Preview and Glossary Sample

Even as a young girl growing up in Ojo de Agua, Dominican Republic, Minerva Mirabal had a keen sense of justice, and was never afraid to stand up for the powerless. Not surprisingly, the tenacious young woman became a lawyer and an activist. However, as the threats of a tyrannical dictatorship edged closer to her own home and family, her refusal to be silent became more dangerous. This is the inspiring account of one woman and her sisters, the “Butterflies,” who defied their fear and raised their voices, courageously becoming an inspiration to the world.

ISBN 978-1-64498-129-0

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