Spanish: The NEW Cuentame mas – Blackline Masters PREVIEW



Spanish: The NEW Cuentame mas – Blackline Masters

Teacher Objectives: The Teacher will: 1. Use comprehensible input to help students develop passive vocabulary in Spanish (This can include, but is not limited to, colors,shapes, animals, body parts, numbers, classroom vocabulary, etc. Please see Getting Started, pp. 22- 25); 2. Familiarize students with the sounds of Spanish; 3. Familiarize students with the syntax of Spanish through verbal directions, brief narrations and group activities; 4. Expose students to cognates; encourage identification of cognates; 5. Expose students to the imperative mode in Spanish through TPR and a variety of communicative activities; 6. Model and engage students in asking and answering questions in target language; 7. Introduce students to written words in Spanish; 8. Help students to associate Spanish sounds with corresponding letters of the Spanish alphabet; 9. Expose students to other cultures and world languages in order to create an awareness, acceptance and appreciation of people from other cultures; 10. Lower students’ Affective Filter and build class unity through a variety of group activities in the target language. Student Objectives: Students will be able to: 1. Recite the Spanish alphabet; 2. Identify vowel and consonant sounds in the target language; 3. Understand and use high frequency vocabulary words and phrases in target language: common courtesies; colors; general descriptors (eg: big, small, tall, short, pretty, ugly, etc.); numbers: digit identification and counting up to 100; stating name; calendar: days of the week and months of the year; basic classroom vocabulary; 4. Answer simple personal information questions.


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