Teacher E-Learning Group Enrollment


Create your class and wait for students to enroll.

Students self-pay and self-enroll.

See description for instructions.


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Teacher Group Enrollment

(Available for E-courses and E-books only.)

Please read instructions carefully!:

  1. Add the number of groups that you need in the quantity field. 
  2. In the ADDITIONAL INFORMATION field, add the label or name for each group AND the title of the reader for each group. (Example: “Spa 1-Esperanza”)  

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3. Allow 48 hours for creation of your group(s).

4. Once created, go to your profile. Click on the Group Registration icon. Use the drop-down menu to view your groups and note the name for each group. (Example: JDoe-Spa1-Esperanza-#12345)

5. Share complete group name, including the group # with your students.

6. Instruct students to purchase their enrollment here: https://fluencymatters.com/product/student-e-learning-enrollment/
Students should indicate the group name, including group # upon checkout.




Include 3 components: Online flipbook, Audiobook and a variety of pre- and post-reading activities and quizzes.


Include 2 components: Online flipbook and Audiobook.

Subscription Length: 12 months

Please see the Getting Started and  E-learning FAQ page for more information.

*Available only for select languages and titles.


Peruse E-Course options to verify your desired E-course is available!


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