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Getting Started with Group E-Learning



Quickstart Guide for Students

Navigating through a Fluency Matters E-course

The Student Tips and Tools page has tons of helpful information from troubleshooting to helpful tips, from accessing the glossaries to taking quizzes. Before you e-mail your teacher, please read through the information on that page.


Getting Started with Group E-Learning

Getting Started!

How Do I Purchase An E-Course?

How to Purchase an E-Learning Module


If you already have an account on, log in. If you do not have an account, an account will be created automatically when you finalize your purchase.

  1. Go to the Fluency Matters store and select the E-Course title you would like to purchase.
  2. To purchase an individual subscription, select INDIVIDUAL and  add one e-Course to your cart.
  3. To purchase a class or group subscription, select GROUP rather than ‘Individual’.
  4. Enter the number of students you would like in your first group. If you have three classes reading the same title, enter each group separately by adding the number of students into number field and clicking ‘Add to Cart’.
  5. Repeat the process until all of your groups have been added. (You do not need to add yourself to your group. You can see the course in your profile with the same view as your students.)
  6. If you are purchasing another E-learning title, go to that title and repeat the process. Once you have your titles selected and each group entered, view your cart.
  7. Verify the quantity (number of students) in each group; you will see the discounted price based on the number of students. The higher the number, the bigger the discount.
  8. Proceed to Checkout.

Again, if you are already a customer/user on, be sure you log in with the SAME EMAIL address from your existing account.
If you are a NEW CUSTOMER, enter the information, using an email address that you would like to be your official account email. A personal address is fine. Just choose the ONE that is most accessible to you throughout the year.


If paying with a purchase order, select “Pay with PO” and finalize your purchase. Click PLACE ORDER. You must fax or email a copy of an official purchase order before your order will be confirmed. E-courses will NOT appear in your profile until the PO or payment is submitted.

If paying with credit card, enter payment info and click place order.


Once your order is finalized, the confirmation page will load and give you the option to immediately add students to your groups. You can add students immediately if your students will NOT be using Email addresses to set up their accounts. Regardless if you are adding students with or without an email address, you can go to your profile (link at the top of the page) to view your e-course(s) and add your students. If you do not see your course, log out of the site, clear cache and log back in. Your course(s) should appear in your profile.

I just bought an E-course. Where do I find it?

Where do I find my E-learning modules?

How To Set Up A Fluency Matters E-Course

How do I add students to my course?

Once you have purchased a GROUP subscription, a banner will appear on the confirmation page giving you the option to immediately add students to your groups. Go to that link if you have your CSV file ready to upload. If not, you can return to your profile later to add students.


If your students are using SCHOOL EMAIL addresses, BE SURE TO HAVE YOUR IT DEPT. WHITELIST OUR DEDICATED IP ADDRESS BEFORE YOU ADD STUDENTS TO YOUR COURSE.  Email for IP info. Once FM IP is whitelisted, go to your profile and click on the Group Registration icon.


If your students are NOT using email addresses, you can proceed to the Group Registration Page. Click on the Group Registration icon.

Click on ADD USERS. There are two options:


 Add user and UPLOAD USERS

  1. Add users one by one: Enter students individually by adding the first / last name and email address.  NOTE: First and Last Name could be initials, nicknames, numeric values or any other means you prefer for identifying students. You have the option to PRE-ASSIGN a password, user name or e-mail address. If you do not assign one, the system will automatically generate one for you.

UPLOAD USERS screenshot


2. Upload Users as a Batch:  Add multiple students simultaneously by uploading a CSV file. To create a csv file, SAVE AS ‘csv’ format from Excel, Google Sheets or Numbers. 

Create a spreadsheet with exactly five columns. Write the headers exactly as shown. SAVE AS .csv. (You can download a template from the Group Registration page.)

CSV sample

If you are adding EXISTING users to a new course or group, create the spreadsheet with the same 5 column headers, but only fill in the EMAIL address for each user (student). The email column is the only column that you need to fill in. The system will find student accounts through their email address and auto-populate the rest of the info.


If you are adding NEW users, you have the OPTION to pre-assign email address, user log-in and password. If you do not pre-assign user log-in, email, and password, the system will auto-generate unique entries for each. Be sure to download the USER DATA immediately after you upload your class lists so that you have a record of students’ log-in information. 


NOTE: User names must be unique. With 130,000 users, it will be a bit challenging to create a unique user name. Therefore, we recommend that you leave the user_log-in  column empty under the header to avoid having the system reject an entry because the user name already exists. If you leave the column empty, the system will generate a unique user name for each student.


Once your csv file is ready, click Add Users as a Batch. “Choose File.” Upload the file from your computer.

Click Submit. Your students will automatically be uploaded to your group.

IMPORTANT: If you want to have a record of your students’ user data, such as user name, password, etc., be sure to stay on the page and click on the DOWNLOAD USER DATA link!


DNLD User data screenshot

How Do I View Student Grades?

  1. Go to your profile.  (Be sure you are logged into
  2.  Click on the Gradebook icon.
  3. When page loads, use the TWO drop-down menus to select the Course and the Group/Class for which you want to see grades.

If you want to download a grade report, click on the gradebook icon.  Scroll to the bottom of the list. Click the blue button that says “Export Gradebook” to download a spreadsheet of all student grades.

Things you should know:


    • A standard E-Learning subscription is 12 months. Time starts as soon as your purchase is confirmed. If you PRE-PURCHASED an E-Course, time starts when you confirm your titles and groups.


    • Students do NOT NEED AN E-MAIL ADDRESS! (Watch the How-to Purchase video!)


    • If your students are using school email to set up their FM accounts, you will need to whitelist Fluency Matters email. Email FM  for that information. The IP address and domain information is also included on your purchase receipt.


    • Students won’t appear in your Gradebook until they have logged into their profile and accessed the E-course.


    • Remember that if one or a few students say “the website is broken” while the rest of your students are working successfully, it is a USER issue, not a website issue. If the website were broken, it would not function at all– for anyone! When it comes to website functionality, it’s all or nothing.


    • 99% of user issues can be resolved independently by simply clearing the cache. Before you/students call or e-mail for help, please follow the guidelines on Tips & Tools page.

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