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Illustrated slideshow summaries of all chapters ROBO-EN-LA-NOCHE-Full-Powerpoint-no-captions

Robo en la noche on Pinterest:

Blog posts on teaching Robo en la noche:

Kristy Placido: kinesthetic activities with Robo en la noche

Sharon Birch has many posts about Robo en la noche!

Chapter 1

Hook for “Robo en la noche” shared by Anna Parsons: For the hook, I print out airline tickets with their names and assigned seats. Their home room teacher hands them out. They don’t know what is going on! Then i set up the classroom like a plane. I am the captain with a pilot hat and suit jacket. I have Spanish speaking staff person help by acting as flight attendant and give them the safety info and pass out pretzels and mini ginger ale. I tell them to look out their windows as I show them the Costa Rican slide show and read chapt 1. It’s a fun day!

Chapter 2

Recent Earthquakes in Costa Rica with Map

Chapter 3

Cynthia Hitz’ ideas and activities

Chapter 4

04 Robo TG Laberinto” activity (added to the Teacher’s Guide Aug 1, 2019)

Chapter 6

Cynthia Hitz’ ideas and activities

Running dictation (past tense) for Chapters 1-6

Chapter 7

Cynthia Hitz’ ideas and activities

Chapter 9

Curu Wildlife Refuge

Chapter 13

Multi-step Read and Draw downloadable activity (Past tense)

Salad Bowl activity to review Robo en la Noche created by Carrie Toth

Yellow Brick Road Robo en la noche Review activity (added to the Teacher’s Guide Aug 1, 2019)


Read the SEQUEL to Robo en la noche: NOCHE DE ORO!

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