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Who was Romero? 

Oscar Romero case re-opened

Song: El padre Antonio y su monaguillo Andrés

Documentary: Gangs of El Salvador by VICE News


Chapter 1

AppsGoneFree- Don’t miss this app! Every day you can find new free apps to download! *Beware app addiction!*

Poetics- At the time of publication this is a free app (but app makers sometimes charge after their apps catch on so this may change… keep an eye on these changes with where you can see price history and receive alerts when apps you’re watching go on sale). The poetics app allows students to take a picture or use a picture from their camera roll as a back drop for their poem. Have students select a photo and then add text boxes with lines of poetry. The text boxes are relatively small so they will have to keep the poem short. They can use effects to enhance the picture and can manipulate where they place their text. Here is the poetics my daughter made as her ode to me!

Chapter 2

App of the Chapter: Photogrid

Photogrid is a free app that allows you to make photo collages. Ask students to create a photo collage that represents their “circle of influence.” Who are the most influential people in their lives?

As a presentational speaking or writing assignment, have students describe how each person influences them.

App of the Chapter: Popplet Lite* This app is free but there is a paid version available for $4.99!

With Popplet, you create a graphic organizer by adding and connecting “popples”. Place (or have students place) a popple in the center with the main idea of Chapter 2 (you can use the included starter or you can ask your students to brainstorm what goes in the center) and then drop new popples for each piece of supporting evidence students can find in the text. This makes Popplet a great way to hit literacy standards as well!

La muerte de la madre del narrador fue trágica y cambió su vida para siempre.

In a 1 iPad classroom, the students will suggest what to write in the popples and teacher (or a designated student) will input the data. The class will see the popplet projected on the classroom screen or monitor.

In a 1:1 iPad classroom, each student (or student groups) will create a popplet. Individuals or groups may share ideas when all have finished.


Create your own free magazine cover!

Chapter 3

App of the Chapter: 30Hands

The 30 Hands app has a “lite” version that is a free download and a full version, 30 Hands Pro, with more features that costs $5.99.

1:1 iPads or BYOD, have students snap some pictures of their father or a male figure who influences them. In the 30Hands app, they can create a video using these pictures and a narration they record with the iPad. This Spanish narration should mention the ways that this male role-model has influenced the student.

1 iPad classrooms- Teacher creates a 30Hands presentation with photos of his/her male-role model or father. Students listen to the narration and teacher uses the interpretive listening activity to begin a class discussion of how we are influenced by those around us.

Chapter 4

App of the Chapter: SKIT!

Use skit to create animated videos for your class. Add music, a backdrop, even the weather is at your fingertips with this app!

Retell events of the chapter, create a skit that gets students making predictions about what will happen next, or just get to know your characters better by having them introduce themselves with the SKIT app.

La Bestia

If you have time, an amazing resource is the film “Which Way Home” which chronicles the journey of a group of children trying to escape Central America and find a family in the United States.

After the film (which is optional), share this infographic, from Raul Cambron Lopez with your class. Discuss the idea of “La Bestia.”

Article on La Bestia

Chapter 6

App of the Chapter: Tellagami

With a free or lite version to allow you a test drive or a full, paid version for $4.99, Tellagami is a fun app to change up the delivery of oral prompts in your classroom. Create an avatar (more choices in the paid version) that looks like you and pre-record any type of prompt for your students. It is amazing how much more engaging “virtual you” can be when you’re asking them to write or speak!

Chapter 7

App of the Chapter: Word Salad

Word Salad is a word cloud generator that comes in a free or “lite” version and as a full version with in-APP purchases for $3.99.

Use Word Salad to have students create their own world clouds focused on character traits, themes, or even structures from the text.

Chapter 9

App of the Chapter: Educreations

Educrations has a free (lite) version and a (VERY WORTH IT) pro-version so you can give it a test drive and see if it is worth your investment! This interactive whiteboard can be used by individual students, pairs, or projected in the 1 iPad classroom!

Have students open Educreations and draw a Venn Diagram. One side of the Venn represents Analía, the other side the gang. Help the narrator list some reasons to stay with each. Are any the same? Put those in the overlapping circles.


Song Gangsta by Kat Dahlia (you may need to censor this for use in your classroom. ALWAYS preview first! “Blunt” is a drug reference.)

Toma de decisiones

An authentic resource to use to discuss decision making

Chapter 10

App of the Chapter: Flipagram

Flipagram is an app that allows students to take pictures and combine them in a video with music or narration in the background. It is user friendly and many will be familiar with Flipagram from their Facebook accounts.

Have student pairs read the chapter and then pose for four pictures that represent 4 main events of the chapter.

Record narration for the four pictures that summarizes what viewers are seeing.
Students submit Flipagrams to the teacher.
Share the Flipagrams with the class as a way to get repetition of the chapter vocabulary and events.

 Chapter 11

App of the Chapter: Haiku Deck

Haiku Deck is a presentation app that allows students to create slideshows.

Have student pairs read the chapter and find four pictures on the internet that represent 4 main events of the chapter.

Lay text over the four pictures that summarizes what viewers are seeing.
Students submit Haikus to the teacher.
Share the Haikus with the class as a way to get repetition of the chapter vocabulary and events.

Chapters 12-13

App of the Chapter: Puppet Pals

Available in a free “lite” app or in the amazing Puppet Pals Director’s Cut, the app is a fun way to re-tell a story. In a 1 iPad class, create a puppet show to share with your students that re-enacts the events of the chapter with some of the character sets available in the app. (The lite version has very limited character and scene choices. Give it a trial run and if you find yourself wishing for more characters, splurge for the Director’s Cut.)

In a 1:1 iPad class, have individuals or student groups create a puppet show retelling chapter events. Share presentations for great reinforcement of main ideas!

Chapters 14-15

App of the Chapter: Aurasma

While it has a bit of a learning curve and some prep time, Aurasma is an amazing app for a classroom where students have their own devices.

Use Aurasma to create an interactive experience as students explore the day’s content with their phones or iPads.

Place Aurasma links on posters, in handouts, on your board, anywhere that your students can scan and be taken immediately to videos, websites, photos, or other documents that you have linked!

Well worth the time spent prepping, Aurasma is a class favorite because it turns 2D into an experience!


Poem based on the reader written by student Moises C. Juarez-Castro

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