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Movie/Movie Talk Clips from Selena starring Jennifer Lopez to correspond with parts of the book:

-Little Selena singing with Abraham (with sound)

-Abraham teaching Selena “El reloj” (with sound)

-Abraham bringing instruments home and kids/Marcela being irritated (silent, teacher prompts students to describe what is happening based on the book)

-Chris coming to the house to be “interviewed” for the guitarist position (silent, teacher prompts students to describe what is happening based on the book)

-Hotel scene (silent, teacher prompts students to describe what is happening based on the book)

-Monterrey concert (silent w/prompts to discuss until Selena comes back to stage, play “Como la flor” performance with sound)

-Grammy scene (compare with the actual acceptance speech–have students tell you what is different)


In general

Video Who is Selena Quintanilla Pérez Time for Kids Biography (Cartoon) 3:00

Video The Life of Selena/ La Vida de Selena Read Aloud Books 2:04

Timeline of the life of Selena

Selena facts for kids

Video Scene comparisons from the movie Selena and actual video of Selena Quintanilla

Selena Biography

Selena fun facts

Selena on Netflix

A Scripted Series About Selena on Netflix

Everything we know about Selena the series  Elle magazine

Introducing Christian Serratos as Selena Quintanilla video

Capítulo 1 Los retos

The original group: Los Dinos Video Abraham Quintanilla y Los Dinos A love as sweet as yours 2:23

The original group: Los Dinos Video Abraham Quintanilla y Los Dinos Ride Your Pony 2:01

Video Ritchie Valens We Belong Together 1:52 and the version from La Bamba, the movie

Capítulo 2  Papagayos

Picture of Papagayos restaurant

Tejano music

Capítulo 3 La transformación

Video Roberto Cantoral El Reloj and Versión Original from 1965 and a later interview from 1993

Video Selena’s first Johnny Canales appearance

Video Selena y Los Dinos en 1994 6:43

Video Biddi Biddi Bom Bom Selena y Los Dinos 1994

Video Casa de Selena Quintanilla en Corpus, Christi, Texas

Capítulo 4 Hacia la fama

Video Selena y Los Dinos Dame un Beso from the Alpha album written by A.B. Quintanilla 1987

Alpha album (information and audio for all the songs on the album)

Video And the winner is….Selena (13th Annual Tejano Awards) 7:55

Capítulo 5 Enamorada

Video Coca Cola Can’t Beat the Real Thing with Selena (in English and then Spanish)

Video Scene from the movie Selena at Pizza Hut

Chris Pérez Wikipedia

Chris Pérez facebook page

Capítulo 6 La Boda secreta

Video Selena marriage from Biography

Video Scene from the movie Selena Let’s Get Married

Video Selena and her husband Chris actual footage  and a longer version mostly in Spanish

Selena’s relationship with Chris Perez from mitú

15 photos of Selena and Chris

Capítulo 7 Monterrey

José Behar wikipedia

Images of Selena and José Behar

Video Primer Programa de Selena Quintanilla en Monterrey, México julio 1992

Video Selena Live in Monterrey 

Como la flor” performance–shows her interaction with fans


Capítulo 8 El club de fans

Picture of Chris with guitar with Selena’s image and another with Selena, Chris and the guitar

Pinterest board of Selena’s fan club pictures

Yolanda Saldívar wikipedia

Capítulo 9 La industria de la moda

Video Selena Etc inc Boutique & Salon Selena introducing staff

Video Selena Quintanilla Perez- Selena Etc. opening actual footage of opening, poor quality

Facebook page for Selena, etc.

Video Selena won the Grammy 1994

Video Selena winning a Grammy award, her reaction afterward

Official Grammy photo

Q Studio

Video oficial Amor Prohibido

Video Selena, entrevista para MTV 1995 in English with Spanish subtitles

Capítulo 10 Ladrona

Yolanda Saldívar: 5 Fast Facts you need to know

Perfume Selena forever article

Capítulo 11 Flor marchita

Video La historia de Chris Perez primera parte Jan 2017 3:07

Video Recordando a Selena exclusiva con Chris Perez Mar. 2012 7:22

Video A tour of Selena’s grave and memorial 5:06


Video Selena, la reina del tex-mex

Video Selena Quintanilla La Reina del Tex Mex 15 years later with archival footage

Texas Declares Día de Selena April 17, 1995 In Spanish from Univision with video

Los Dinos: Where are they now?

Biografía de Selena Quintanilla

Video Inside Selena Quintanilla’s Memoria Museum (Entertainment tonight) 4:37

Padre se Selena revela qué podría pasar si Yolanda Saldívar sale de la cárcel People magazine Sept. 2018

Video Selena: 20 Years Later (Remembered by her city and her family) Billboard video 10:30 Mar 2015

Video Google Honors Selena with a Google Doodle Oct. 2017

Entrevista a Suzette Quintanilla Aug 2015 3:57

Video Familia de Selena Quintanilla aclaran que ocurrió con la herencia 1995 3:05

Video Selena Quintanilla’s mother, brother and husband Chris Perez honor her lasting legacy Nov. 2017 Entertainment Tonight 3:43

Video Chris Perez Porqué te Fuistes (en memoria de Selena Quintanilla) Apr. 2017 3:47

CNN article and video Chris Perez on his book ‘To Selena, With Love’

Selena Forever tribute

Video and article from BBC Selena killed by her fan club manager as told by Chris Pérez

Selena The Official Store

Jennifer Lopez paid tribute to la reina Selena at iheartradio fiesta latina

San Antonio Dia de Muertos catrina Selena

Dozens of Mini Selenas Perform La Carcacha

Forever 21 Capsule Collection for Selena

Selena’s birthday could become an official state holiday in Texas

2019 Sugar Bowl tribute to Selena

Rare 1994 Spanish language interview with Selena discussing her music, marriage and business

People en español Así hemos recordado a Selena (fotos)

Selena remains unforgettable with multiple videos

20 datos de Selena 20 años después de su muerte

Youtube playlist with 100 Selena songs

Youtube playlist with Selena top 16 songs


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