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Student Video Tutorials

Watching a short video could save you hours of time AND help you successfully sail through your E-Learning modules.

If your teacher enrolled you with a Username only, and you do NOT log in with an email, watch this video.

If your teacher enrolled you with a valid e-mail address, and you receive email messages from FluencyMatters.com, watch this video.

Things You Should Know:

If you forget your password, your teacher can reset it for you. Note that the password reset on the website will only work if you have a valid email address attached to your account. If you used a valid email to register on the site, then you can reset your own password.


If you suddenly have trouble getting your flipbook or quizzes to load, EMPTY YOUR CACHE! See Tips & Tools to learn how!


Download the student handout and keep it in a safe place. It has helpful reminders/information.


Remember to ENJOY the stories! That’s the whole point of this program. Learning another language should be enjoyable!

The Student Tips and Tools page has tons of helpful information from troubleshooting to helpful tips, from accessing the glossaries to taking quizzes. Before you contact your teacher, please read through the information on that page.

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