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By Carrie Toth

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Are you a member of the Facebook community Fluency Matters Comprehension-Based Readers? I love seeing what teachers are doing with our readers in the classroom and am always inspired by the ideas they share. This idea is no different!

A couple of weeks ago, Todd Hanlon-Alle shared that he had adapted Running Dictation by creating “Take One” tabs for students to grab. What a GREAT idea! I have seen (and grabbed) those little tabs a million times as I come and go from the grocery store. How did it never occur to me that they’d be perfect for a review activity? Well… it just didn’t. But Todd saw them and put his genius to work! The activity I plan to share with you is built on Todd’s idea, take one tabs in the hallway.

Want to know more about Running Dictation? Check out the “2 minute tips” section of the Fluency Matters training site!

I began by creating a question sheet that reviewed major facts in the first 5 chapters of our reader, Felipe Alou. More than just a kinesthetic follow-up, I wanted it to be a good review of the story before we moved into the second half. I asked about main characters, major conflicts, and basic information.

After I had my question, I made the tab sheets. You can use any word processing program (Microsoft Word; Pages). At the top, I wrote Toma uno, por favor (Take one, please) and at the bottom, I inserted a 12×1 table. I dragged the edges of the table out so that it reached the bottom and two sides. I wrote the answer to question one in the first cell of the table, centered it, and then copied it. I selected all the remaining cells and hit paste and it copied into all remaining cells.

I continued creating Toma uno sheets for the rest of the answers and then printed 3 sets of them. I grouped my students in 3s so I needed 7-9 question sheets per class period. The most time-consuming part of set up is cutting the little tabs because if you try to cut through more than a couple of sheets at a time, they get off-center and then the tabs are not right!

Before class began, I hung the pre-cut Toma uno sheets in the hallway. I explained the game to them in Spanish and then we played until all groups were finished. They had a great time and really got a lot out of matching the questions to the answers. The runner couldn’t grab the next tab until the tab before was glued down so everyone was working together to put the tabs in the right place!

Check out this video tutorial to see the game in action!

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