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2 Powerful Days of Training with 5 Dynamic Trainers


Carol Gaab ~ Annabelle Allen ~ Laurie Clarcq ~ Dustin Williamson ~ Anne Matava


October 12-13, 2017


October 14, 2017 – Optional Peer Coaching
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Event Host & Organizer: Skip Crosby

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Workshops & Sessions

Workshops with Carol Gaab:

1 Goal, 1 Sequence, 10 Powerful Lessons

Comprehensible Input (CI) is the critical link to 2nd language acquisition (SLA). Learn how to provide CI to achieve specific proficiency goals and discover how to use a simple series of events as a catalyst for a wide range of CI-based lessons that will engage students, inspire interpretive and interpersonal modes of language and result in SLA.

3-hour Workshop


Reading Activities Sure to Inspire a ‘LIKE’

Reading is the perfect platform for facilitating language acquisition, and innovative CI-based reading activities are an ideal way to turn an ordinary reading into CCCI (Compelling, Contextualized, Comprehensible Input). Learn how to deepen comprehension, inspire HOT (higher order thinking) boost reader engagement and accelerate acquisition through powerful activities that are easy to implement and sure to leave students looking for the ‘LIKE’ button!

3-hour Workshop

Sessions with Dustin Williamson


The TV show El Internado has transformed his upper level Spanish classes but the language structure can be overwhelming.  The show has increased enrollment and engagement tremendously but the show is not comprehensible input on its own.   In this session, you will explore ways to make authentic resources such as El Internado, comprehensible.  He will show you how he uses El Internado in his upper level Spanish classes and activities that have been proven effective, compelling, and comprehensible.  Examples and demo will be done in Spanish but the strategies can be adaptable to any language.

Coaching & More with Laurie Clarcq

Coaching from the Heart

Are you looking for a way to develop your skills and knowledge as a teacher? Looking to develop your skills and knowledge as a TPRS® or Comprehensible-Input teacher? This workshop is a highly-supportive, hands-on way to become a better teacher and bring new skills back to the classroom. Participants will work in small groups taking roles as teacher and student while receiving immediate, caring and helpful feedback. It is a great opportunity to network with, support, and learn from a community of teachers in an entirely new way.

Workshops with Annabelle Allen (la Maestra Loca)

Brain breaks

ACTFL says we should be spending 90% of class time in the TL. That means our students are demanded to be active listeners and participants in a highly rigorous environment. Brain Breaks can be used as classroom management tools, and enthusiasm and community builders! I’ll share all my favorites!
Classroom management
In a CI classroom, routines, classroom rituals, and every single pesky procedure, when set up correctly, manages the class for you. The other half of management is about building a strong community within the walls of your What do you do when your kids are desperate for output and think they are really ready?? What do you do when parents are paying thousands for school and they are demanding to hear more from their kids? What can you do for your admin when they come to your class and want to hear the kids speaking and they claim it isn’t student centered unless they hear them doing the talking (we all know that CI is as student centered as it gets.) Here is what you can do: You provide them with a structured environment that allows them to use their Spanish but not learn things incorrectly. I will share the many games, silly writing activities and one-one activities I have created this year to engage my students and give them an opportunity to output.  These games will work for classrooms for 3 year olds all the way up to adults.

“Magical Moments” in the elementary classroom

Elementary students have the BEST job in the world. Every single day we have the opportunity to create a space in our foreign language classrooms that is truly magical for our students. If you aren’t already trained in “magic” you will be amazed at what a little workshop to hone your skills will do for classroom management with little ones. In this session, come and learn exactly WHAT you can do to make your classroom a little more “magical”.
CI strategies and techniques specifically for Elementary teachers. This will be a workshop model. Half of our time will be spent with YOU learning AS the students and half of the time will be talking about and USING the various strategies you observed. We will also spend time talking about expectations and assessment.

Sessions with Anne Matava  SESSION FULL

CI – 101: How to Start the Year Using CI

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