I am constantly amazed at how TPRS authors can write such interesting books using such a limited vocabulary. Felipe Alou is a good example. GOOD book!
~ Dr. Stephen Krashen, Professor Emeritus, USC


I love “El Nuevo Houdini” because it’s very relevant to teenagers and they think it’s hilarious!
~ Chelsea Schleifer, Spanish Teacher Oaks High School Christian


Engaging from the first paragraphs, easy to understand, fun to read and discuss, appealing to the students, these stories help retain vocabulary and acquire grammar naturally. The students just couldn’t get enough of them!
~ Katya Paukova, Assistant Professor, OPI Tester, Defense Language Institute


My students devour these novels! They become fodder for lengthy target-language class discussions and countless laughs.
~ Tim Fornier, Spanish Teacher, Grand Rapids, MI


These books are great! So interesting and fun!
~ Audra Budd, Spanish Teacher, Oaks Christian HS


The DPS teachers love using the novels, which are entertaining, engaging, and fun. The stories, written using high frequency vocabulary and structures necessary for fluency, are appealing to students and easy to teach. Students get a feeling of success and accomplishment due to the satisfaction of actually reading a novel in a second language. Additionally, most of the novels include culturally relevant topics of interest to students, enabling teachers to easily and naturally incorporate culture into their lessons.
~ Diana Noonan, World Language Coordinator, Denver Public Schools


The teacher materials are GODSENDS!!!! EVERYONE loves them: they actually help the kids to LEARN LANGUAGE and are not busy work. The cultural notes are fascinating, the quizzes are easy to use or modify.
~ Jeanne McCollum, Head of FL, Oaks Christian High School


Los Piratas del Caribe & El Triangulo de las Bermudas is EXCELLENT. A compelling story, with surprises and drama, all told with a limited vocabulary. I’m eager to read the sequel.
~ Dr. Stephen Krashen, Professor Emeritus, USC


‘Les Pirates Français des Caraïbes’ is a thrilling book for level one students. It has become my middle school and high school students’ favorite novel because of the action and comedy.
~ Katherine Babcock, French 1 teacher Oaks Christian Middle/High School


‘La Mara Salvatrucha’ has inspired some spirited discussion about gangs and keeps the upper level kids thinking and involved.
~ Spanish 4 Teacher, Oaks Christian HS


I absolutely love Esperanza. My colleagues and I are fighting over who gets to use it. Thanks for a fabulous novel…it’s a good problem to have when we all think it’s so good that we all want to use it.
~ Jane VanderBeek, Spanish Teacher, Holland Christian School


One of my third year students recently finished reading Vida y Muerte. When I pointed out the new novella (Guerra Sucia), he grabbed it, no questions asked. The ending for Guerra Sucia is spectacular. It cuts right to your heart. It is PERFECT and quite daring of you, I think. Anyway, I’m totally enjoying La hija del sastre and think it is a great read. Wow!
~Diane M. Volzer, Spanish Teacher, Christian Heritage School

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